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  • The Best Resources to Learn French

    The Best Resources to Learn French

    3 years ago

    There are a ton of techniques to learn a foreign language but all of those techniques won't do you any good if you don't use the proper resources to learn a foreign language. Let me tell you about my absolute favorite resources to learn French.

  • 4

    My First Pregnancy Trimester

    3 years ago

    Find out about my rollercoaster of emotions during my first pregnancy trimester, my symptoms and finally my diagnosis in week 11 which shattered my dream.

  • 7

    100 Things You Shouldn't Forget to Pack for your Next Trip

    3 years ago

    It's easy to forget to pack certain items in your excitement of finally going on a vacation. You won't ever have this problem again. Find out what to put on your next packing list.

  • The Verb

    The Verb "to Do" in German - A2/B1

    3 years ago

    Learn the German verb "to do" in two tenses and some useful expressions. Learn the expressions, read and comprehend a text and finally finish the lessons with some exercises. Good luck!

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    4 Benefits of Buying Secondhand Clothing

    4 months ago

    There are multiple advantages to buying your clothing secondhand instead of new. Purchasing used clothes can help you save money and reduce your environmental impact. Best of all, your vintage style will look authentic!

  • 7

    The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

    2 years ago

    Before giving up your full-time permanent position to become a freelancer, know the advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer.

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    How to Avoid Scams in the Translation Business

    2 years ago

    Translations allow you to make a substantial amount of money on the internet if you are serious about it and possess the right skills. However, learn how to avoid scams by reading this article.

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    How to Prevent Back Problems in Dachshunds

    3 months ago

    Did you know that Dachshunds have an extremely high risk of damaging their spinal cord? Learn why back problems are common in them and what precautions need to be taken throughout their entire life.

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    Ecotourism in Munich

    3 years ago

    It is not impossible to be an eco-tourist in a metropolis such as Munich. Munich has eco-friendly offers for those concerned about their ecological footprint during their vacation. Find out more!

  • The Benefits of Long-Distance Relationships

    The Benefits of Long-Distance Relationships

    3 years ago

    Long-distance relationships can be tough and make you feel lonely and sad. However, long-distance relationships have many benefits which couples who have experienced them can only confirm. Read more!

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    The Health Benefits of Triathlons

    3 years ago

    Triathlons offer many benefits and can help you improve your health in multiple ways. Find out why training for a triathlon is better for your body than practicing a single sport.

  • The Top 10 Benefits of Swimming

    The Top 10 Benefits of Swimming

    3 years ago

    Swimming is not only a fun hobby but also offers many health benefits. Find out you can benefit from swimming on a regular basis by reading this article.

  • 66

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Dog

    3 months ago

    It can be a challenge to choose the right kind of pet. Some people are hesitant about getting a dog because of the degree of responsibility required. However, dogs offer many health benefits. Read on!

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    Ecotourism in New York City

    7 years ago

    Ecoutourism is possible even in metropolitan cities like New York City. Few people know what ecotourism really is though and how it can be put into practice during stays in megacities like NYC.

  • Top 10 Places to Visit in Munich

    Top 10 Places to Visit in Munich

    3 years ago

    In Munich, you will need more than a day to visit all of the spectactular historical sights such as the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace and its castle park which will enchant you.

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    SOS German: Last-Minute German Crash Course

    3 months ago

    This article will help you learn some basic German that you can use for travel purposes. It contains vocabulary you can use in different situations such as in hotels, restaurants, airports, and more.

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    Things I Will Miss and Not Miss About Argentina

    2 years ago

    Argentina has been marked by rising inflation, continuous blackouts, floodings, protests against the governments and strikes of public services. It has been getting harder for me living in Argentina and my life quality has degraded. This is an update of the current living conditions in Buenos...

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    The Top 10 Work Opportunities for Online English Teachers

    2 years ago

    Are you looking for a job as an online English teacher? Working from home and earning a full income is possible. There are countless companies and agencies who are currently looking for online teachers to teach English to speakers of other languages. This article includes the top 10 Elearning...

  • 60

    How to Make Money as a Translator and Work from Home

    2 years ago

    It is not hard making a living as a freelance translator and working from home. If you are proficient in at least another language besides your native one, all you need to know is where to look for jobs, which software to use and how to get access to numerous jobs on a regular basis. Read more and...

  • Off-Balance: A Memoir by the Elite Gymnastics Olympian Dominique Moceanu

    Off-Balance: A Memoir by the Elite Gymnastics Olympian Dominique Moceanu

    3 years ago

    In June 2012, just before the start of the Olympics, Dominique published a book that would throw readers off. Off-Balance is written in a heartbreaking way and really opens the eyes for those that believe the elite gymnastics world is faultless and offers a healthy environment for young underage...

  • 6

    How to Become Fluent in French

    2 years ago

    Learning French is easy if you know where to find the right sources and the best teachers. There are many websites offering outstanding learning material but there are also many e-learning companies that provide French lessons with a native French teacher.

  • 32

    Earn Money Teaching English Online

    3 years ago

    I have been working from home for ten years now and I have some useful tips for you to help you establish yourself as an online English teacher. Having worked myself as an online German and English teacher, I can recommend some great companies who are currently looking for teachers and where you...

  • 61

    The Things I will Miss and Not Miss about Living in Argentina

    7 years ago

    A story of a German living in an Argentinean province of Buenos Aires for more than 2 years. The good and bad things she experienced and some inside things about the Argentinean culture. Rioplatense Spanish, Mate, Dulce de Leche and the Argentinean hospitality are a couple of things that are...


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