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  • The Prowess of a Princess

    The Prowess of a Princess

    3 months ago

    Excerpt from the book, Wolf Wild Heart. Princess Anne of Kiev shows off her archery prowess at a French tourney.

  • Lessons Learned of Love

    Lessons Learned of Love

    3 months ago

    For years, I devoted my time writing and researching love. In my latest WIP, "Wolf Wild Heart" I learned much from my study of Anne of Kiev and the loves in my life. One, is it possible to love more than one person?

  • The King's Arrangement

    The King's Arrangement

    3 months ago

    Twenty-six-year-old King Henry 1st of France ponders over his first marriage to ten-year-old Matilda of Frisia, a marriage he surrenders love for politics and a potential heir.

  • A Woman's Cunning

    A Woman's Cunning

    3 months ago

    Princess Anne of Kiev recounts her story of her Great, Great, Great Grandmother Saint Olga to her new French family.

  • Acceptance of Marriage

    Acceptance of Marriage

    4 months ago

    The marriage of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders is one for the ages. Their courtship started with rumors of scandal, and the rebuke of her father, Baldwin of Flanders, King Henry 1st and the Pope, and yet they remained steadfast partners until death. Here, Matilda accepts William’s pro

  • The Politics of Love

    The Politics of Love

    4 months ago

    Let’s face it, not all love stories touch us with warm and tingling feelings. Some create an achiness in our heart and soul, especially when one has to face their spouse’s love for another. Here, Countess Adela confronts her husband, Count Raoul de Valois and his feelings for Queen Anne of Kiev.

  • Love's Salvation

    Love's Salvation

    4 months ago

    Little is known of the history of Count Raoul de Valois and Anne of Kiev, whether he tried to woo her as Queen, she fancied him or if they held onto a secret love for one another until King Henry died. Anything left of their romance has been swept away by time.

  • Queens Strategize Love

    Queens Strategize Love

    4 months ago

    Future Queen of England, Matilda of Flanders strategizes matters of the heart with newly crowned Queen of France, Anne of Kiev

  • Her High Horse

    Her High Horse

    5 months ago

    It is rumored Matilda of Flanders mocked William the Duke of Normandy's marriage proposal. So enraged, he rode from Normandy to Flanders and publicly assaulted her. Despite her father, King Henry and even the Pope dismissing the proposal, Matilda married William...and the is rest history.

  • The King's Move

    The King's Move

    5 months ago

    Medieval French King, Henry 1st needed an heir and his new bride, Anne of Kiev was more than he could have imagined. Only problem, she had already grown a fancy for one of King Henry's nobles, Count Raoul de Valois. The King needed to move to keep his future queen and knight in his sight.

  • Of Friends and Foes

    Of Friends and Foes

    5 months ago

    1054, after routing King Henry's French forces, William, the Duke of Normandy confronts the King's noble, Count Raoul de Valois in the castle of his own commander, Roger de Mortemer.

  • Proclamations of Love

    Proclamations of Love

    5 months ago

    11th Century Grand Prince of Kiev has three beautiful and educated daughters near marrying age. Despite their fates determined for them, it doesn’t keep the sisters from discussing their current prospects and the future king of Norway, Harald Hardrada being the main subject.

  • Love’s Change of Allegiance

    Love’s Change of Allegiance

    6 months ago

    Medieval Countess Adela of Bar-sur-Aube witnesses her husband's desire for France's soon-to-be queen, Anne of Kiev and realizes she has lost his love for another woman.

  • Army of Faith

    Army of Faith

    6 months ago

    Much has been written about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings, but what about his devoted wife Matilda, whom it has been written she spent the days praying in the Abbey of St. Denis. Behind every great man, there is a great woman summoning her own power.

  • Healing Through Ancestry

    Healing Through Ancestry

    6 months ago

    Researching our ancestors is more than entertainment. As we discover our ancestors, history becomes personal. They become more than historical figures in text books; they are our grandparents. When we become more invested in their lives, we learn more about ourselves and the world.

  • We are all Conquerors

    We are all Conquerors

    6 months ago

    Most people today would not think of William the Conqueror to be a person for modern-day inspiration. Often history tells only one side of the story, and the story most told of William the Conqueror is his brutal campaign in England. Great men often lead a trail of blood and tears and victories are

  • Embracing the Crone A Loving Path to Aged Wisdom

    Embracing the Crone A Loving Path to Aged Wisdom

    6 months ago

    For many aging women, when we see a beautiful youthful woman turning heads, it can be a cringe-worthy experience as we battle the aging process. Our modern society makes aging a hard process. All we can do is wonder where did the time go?

  • Knights in Not so Shining Armor

    Knights in Not so Shining Armor

    6 months ago

    Medieval Knights - Sigh. They fill our imaginations with fantasies of passion and chivalry, and yet who were they really and how to they compare to the modern man - the modern knight so many women seek.


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