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I enjoy technology, art, sports and politics.

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  • Product Review: ASUS VS248H-P

    Product Review: ASUS VS248H-P

    4 years ago

    This review contains my honest opinion of the good and bad about the ASUS VS248H-P monitor.

  • The Best College Survival Guide

    The Best College Survival Guide

    4 years ago

    There is never another period in your life that will be more of a roller coaster than your college days. You will endure every type of feeling imaginable and you will leave a totally different person.

  • How to Easily Root Your Android Phone

    How to Easily Root Your Android Phone

    6 years ago

    UnlockRoot Remember the old days when rooting an Android was such a tedious, difficult, and risky thing to do? Only people who were tech-savvy could have a chance at succesfully doing it. But now with Androids being...

  • Use Your iPhone As a USB Flash Drive

    Use Your iPhone As a USB Flash Drive

    6 years ago

    Here's how to use your iPhone or iTouch as a USB flash drive (either wired or wirelessly)!

  • The Best Skullcandy Earbuds

    The Best Skullcandy Earbuds

    6 years ago

    Everybody has some type of music player, but you can't do much with it unless you have headphones or earbuds. Too many people earbuds are earbuds; differences aren't noticeable to many, but they are to me. I love music...

  • Top 10 Cydia Apps

    Top 10 Cydia Apps

    6 years ago

    This app comes in handy for multiple reasons. Apple limits the amount of data that can be downloaded at once from the App Store on a 3G network. The app tricks the phone into thinking that it is on a wifi network and...