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Jerry grew up in Bedford, Michigan. He is an avid music enthusiast, and he has seen many of the Great ones in Concert, including The Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Pink Floyd, The Ramones, and too many more to name. Jerry has enjoyed art throughout his lifetime, and at one time he lived in the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo. He has always dreamed of becoming a professional artist. Jerry recently took his love for art and hippie culture to the next level and started a tie-dye business. with the help of his longtime girlfriend, Jodi. Jerry does all of the tie-dyeing for the business. Jodi grew up in Skokie, Illinois. She is a Psychologist by day, and a crafts enthusiast the rest of the time. She is also a long-time tie-dye lover and helps Jerry with the "business" end of One of a Kynd Tie-Dye, doing paperwork and typing, booking venues, and anything else that Jerry needs an extra hand for. Jerry and Jodi currently live in Seal Cove, Newfoundland. One of a Kynd Tie-Dye began as a dream in Jerry's head in January 2005. It seemed such a perfect fit for us that we immediately began doing research on how to start a tie-dye business, and by April we had our first completed product. We have participated in a few festivals, and we recently designed and built our first website., We have learned a lot since we started, and we are always working to meet the needs of our customers. We hope you like our tie-dyes, and we will continue to deliver the finest quality hand-dyed products on the market.

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  • The Secrets of Tie-Dye.

    The Secrets of Tie-Dye.

    9 years ago

    Tie-dye is an ancient art. In Japan they have a form of tie-dye called Shibori they've been using since the 8th century or earlier. Batik is a type of dyeing used for generations in India and is similar to tie-dye....