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    The True Love of a Real Father

    7 days ago

    Beloved, this hub is so needful especially today in a confused and dangerous world that has some attempting to remove God out of everything. The author in this message is making an attempt to present the Fatherhood and love of God that was there for him when everything else failed.

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    Kingdom Blessings for Financial Breakthrough

    8 days ago

    This hub gives a detailed understanding of the biblical law concerning sowing and reaping. The hub explores the unlimited possibilities to Christians understanding the tithe including being in business and partnering with God.

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    The Five Porches of Misery

    12 days ago

    This hub is about enduring life's challenges and using them as stepping stones to grow and mature in the things of God as we seek guidance and instruction to achieve our goals. Many of us could not survive where we are now if we were placed here before we had a chance to mature.

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    The Seven Sins That Bring Judgment

    6 days ago

    This is a study on the sins listed in Prov. 6:16 as sins that God hates however the seventh sin is called the sin of abomination which is a disgust before God. The study reveals how the first six lead to the seventh abomination.

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    The Majestic Love of God

    2 weeks ago

    When I recently moved to the Philippines and had to change my way of preaching. Many of the Philippine people are unable to understand someone ministering with a raised voice rushing our words. I recently met a young lonely fatherless boy that needed to feel and experience the majestic Love of God..

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    The Need for Unity

    12 months ago

    Dear reader, there is strength in unity and we are coming to a climax in history where our freedoms are slowly being stripped away. The time for change is upon us to unite together as a body and quit acting like a bunch of loose body parts lying around collecting rust.

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    Jesus Christ the Other Adam

    13 months ago

    This hub came about in April 2018 as I was preparing to attend and speak in the Philippines celebrating the Anniversary of my Apostle Don Stewart. During this time, I had several visitations with the Lord asking me to write a book on his humanity and let the people know that he was once one of us.

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    Why Do The Innocent Suffer

    2 years ago

    This hub helps to open our mind to the world around us and explore the possibilities that maybe an unseen colossal unseen war between good and evil is responsible for a lot of happenings and disappointments that can and does affect us all.

  • Is Tithing Scriptural Today

    Is Tithing Scriptural Today

    2 years ago

    Some today are teaching that paying ones tithes to their home church is bondage.This article explores the Holy scriptures to find the answer.

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    Living in a Stretched Society

    3 years ago

    A lot of people today are over loaded with the cares of this world and have neglected to concentrate on making happy memories with their family which will pay off more in the long run when they reflect back on their life.

  • 6

    The Benefits of Abiding In Christ

    3 years ago

    Jesus had just finished the last supper with his disciples and was on his way to the Mount of Olives to pray. Christ made it a choice to go through the vineyard on his way to the garden and used the vinyard to instill some spiritual truths to his disciples.

  • The Mind Predestined For Leadership

    The Mind Predestined For Leadership

    3 years ago

    The writings of great men such as Plato have inspired world leaders and helped change the course of history. This hub invites us to study their life and glean from their trials by seeking their secret for surviving in a changing world?.

  • Christianity Pride and Racism

    Christianity Pride and Racism

    2 weeks ago

    Some churches today resemble a play where the pastor is the source of attention instead of God thus the attendees leave more entertained than elevated. They claim to have God in their life but there is no fruit in their labors. They are selfish racist people thinking they are better than others.

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    Prayer That Will Move Heaven

    2 weeks ago

    Beloved, do you have a desire to know the one who delivered us from sin and long to be in his presence? Do you have a desire to know that your prayers are heard and will be answered? This hub explores the life experiences of more than 30 years of ministry expounding the gospel throughout the world.

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    The Working of the Nine Spiritual Gifts

    35 hours ago

    In this hub on the working of the spiritual gifts, I feel we can gain some valuable insight concerning the Spiritual Gifts at work in the body of Christ that may help to better recognize when they are misused and when they are in proper operation.

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    Entering The Secret Place of Worship

    3 years ago

    This hub is for those that desire a deeper relationship with the God of the bible! Also in this hub, I reveal some of my secrets to the mighty miracles I have witnessed in great services!

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    Overcoming Discouragement

    2 weeks ago

    Faith under attack gives an opportunity for our character to grow and mature.

  • Blessed Are the Pure In Heart

    Blessed Are the Pure In Heart

    2 weeks ago

    The pure in heart can be likened to the meek which Jesus said shall inherit the Earth. In this hub, we will discover that the pure in heart are the ones that are at peace with themselves and with God. No matter what life may throw their way, they remain calm trusting God to work it out.

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    Who Are the Poor in Spirit

    2 weeks ago

    To be poor in spirit means to have had some of life’s trials and curves bring us to a place of spiritual brokenness. In this study, we are going to explore some of the qualities that can be found in someone that is broken before God.

  • Blessed are the Peacemakers

    Blessed are the Peacemakers

    3 years ago

    Peacemakers are called the sons of God because they reflect the work of the son of God that brought peace. Have you ever wondered why the sermon on peace is followed by the sermon on persecution.

  • Who Are the Meek

    Who Are the Meek

    2 weeks ago

    This hub gives us a vivid description of the inner qualities to be produced in a Christian and remind us as followers of Christ of the promises and rewards at the end of our journey.

  • Why Leave out The Blood

    Why Leave out The Blood

    3 years ago

    Is there a religion that has made provision to take the guilt and the sin off of the hands of a murderer or cause the shame to be removed from the heart of a sinner; then read this hub and find out?

  • What If Hell Is Real?

    What If Hell Is Real?

    2 weeks ago

    What would you do if you were God and some of your prized creation was in total rebellion against you and your purpose? This hub explores what takes place after death and does the soul of man actually go to a place of reward including a place of torment?

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    The Holiness of God

    2 weeks ago

    The Holiness of God is the essence of his character and being. It is that part that separates him from all other things in the universe because he is not dependent on what is created to sustain him but beloved, all creation is dependent on him for their existence.

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    Precepts Concerning the Lords Supper

    10 days ago

    The early Christians held a love feast in connection with the Lord’s Supper during which they gathered for a fellowship meal. This hub explores the importance of communion and the consequences that fall to those who abuse it.

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    Are People Born Gay?

    2 weeks ago

    The purpose of this hub is not to put down or stand in judgment of any particular lifestyle but to open our minds just how dangerous sexual sins can be and expose them for what they are including what is lurking behind pornography and sexual practices.

  • A Foundation That Will Stand

    A Foundation That Will Stand

    3 years ago

    I am glad that God knows them that are his and this gives us hope which is called the Anchor of our soul.

  • The Sleeping Church

    The Sleeping Church

    5 months ago

    The bridesmaids in this parable are not the bride; they are the young unmarried virgins who are the friends of the bride. The foolish in this parable are those in the church who are there for show.

  • Developing a True Man & Woman of God

    Developing a True Man & Woman of God

    6 weeks ago

    God calls the weak to confound the wise so if you have a calling on your life, it is because God chooses people that are incapable of producing life qualities on their own that will produce life.

  • Define A Real Man?

    Define A Real Man?

    2 weeks ago

    You may have been born a male but it takes a lot of work and courage to be a real man. dear reader, in order to find out what a real man is, we need to find out what one is not!

  • Spiritual Help in a Dark Hour

    Spiritual Help in a Dark Hour

    2 years ago

    Because of the lukewarmness that infiltrated the church, we are living in an age of spiritual confusion and darkness.

  • The Power of The Believers Authority

    The Power of The Believers Authority

    6 weeks ago

    Christ is the risen Head of the church, and its members are subject to him. In the name of Jesus, we can break Satan’s hold over us because we are under a new authority.

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    The Values of Wisdom

    3 years ago

    Wisdom opens and unlocks doors of opportunities such as allowing us to see our problems and circumstances the way God sees them.

  • 5

    Spiritual Gifts and the Five-Fold Ministry Revealed

    2 days ago

    We are living in an age that the five fold ministry is not well accepted in today’s church. The 5 fold ministry was given until the church matures to the stature of the fullness of Christ and it is essential for it to be in place for the coming clash with the kingdom of darkness.

  • 3

    Where Did the Tares Come From?

    2 weeks ago

    Beloved, it would be impossible for the enemy to sow tares in God’s field without him allowing it. This hub explores the attitude of people that seem to hop from church to church always finding fault but never wanting to help find a solution. This hub looks at church leadership in todays church.

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    The Forgotten Church of The Hedge

    3 years ago

    I believe that the living God is getting an army together that have been through the storms of life and have been conditioned to meet the enemy on every front.

  • What Is Your Vision?

    What Is Your Vision?

    3 years ago

    It is the idea that is always flashing in your mind. It is the dream that doesn’t seem to go away. It is a passion that drives you and keeps you thinking about what you want to accomplish in the Kingdom of God.

  • 15

    What Is My Purpose on Earth

    2 weeks ago

    This hub is about how to discover your purpose for being on this planet and to develop a relationship with your creator. did you know that your fingerprints are developed when you are three months in the womb and no one on Earth has your DNA or your finger prints which means you are special.

  • God, Are You Out There

    God, Are You Out There

    3 years ago

    Is there a creator or master mind behind all the vast universe especially the unique way everything is designed to function without drifting out of orbit and ending life as we know it?

  • The Religion That Makes Provision for Sin

    The Religion That Makes Provision for Sin

    9 days ago

    Christianity and Islam are two of the largest religions in the world with about 1.8 billion and 1.1 billion members respectively. Read this hub to discover if a relationship with God is possible and learn the one unique trait that places Christianity above all others!

  • Christian Truckers in a Changing World

    Christian Truckers in a Changing World

    2 weeks ago

    There is an ever-changing world before us with people hurt, confused and looking for a reason to live. Working together, we can get more done and make a difference in our work and our environment.


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