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Jewel Tyler is the published author of "The Skin I'm In - An Intimate Journey With God". Jewel always knew she would become an author and the love of reading inevitably directed her path. A native of Washington, D.C., Jewel spent her younger years giving back to the community through a youth Arts organization she founded. She left D.C. in 1989 to pursue a fashion design career in Los Angeles, California.

Jewel spent the last twenty years in several successful fields. In the corporate world, she used her technical expertise as a Computer Application Specialist. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her into several successful business ventures. She opened a chain of Exclusively Yours stores on the east and west coast - featuring handmade aromatherapy products, clothing and jewelry. She continued her fashion design career in the entertainment world as an image consultant to new and existing recording artists which ultimately opened doors for her to become the President of WOG (Word Of God) Records, Vice President to KNTD Publishing and a manager of several recording artists. Jewel is also interested in Naturopathic healing and is pursuing her Doctor of Naturopathy degree.

Through everything, Jewel never lost the dream to write and when the Lord called her in 2005 to put "pen to paper" regarding her walk with him, she answered by penning her intimate journey with God in the form of a book. The Skin I’m In – An Intimate Journey With God is the first in a series Jewel has published.

Jewel has received numerous certificates over the years as a guest lecturer for colleges and universities. Her awards include nods from the late Mayor Tom Bradley, Michael Woo as well as Maxine Waters in Los Angeles, for her successful fashion design business and youth outreach programs.

Jewel currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She attends Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship under the spiritual tutelage of Dr. Tony Evans. In Los Angeles, California, she was a member of Faithful Central Bible Church under Dr. Kenneth Ulmer.

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  • Power of the tongue

    Power of the tongue

    7 years ago

    In the midst of all the chaos that currently exists in our world currently, one must have continual hope, faith and belief in something beyond themselves.  Our desires, needs and wants stretch far beyond serendipity;...

  • Saw Palmetto - Man's Best Friend

    Saw Palmetto - Man's Best Friend

    7 years ago

    By Jewel Tyler I highly recommend Saw Palmetto to any man for the health of a very vital organ in their bodies – the Prostate.  It is also a natural sexual stimulant for men and has been known to increase growth...

  • In my RIGHT mind – God is good!

    In my RIGHT mind – God is good!

    7 years ago

    By Jewel Tyler I am sitting here this Tuesday afternoon enjoying my praise and worship music in my right mind in my home.  I say in my right mind because Friday of last week I was admitted to the hospital.  I had...

  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, a Woman's Best Friend

    Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, a Woman's Best Friend

    29 hours ago

    By Jewel Tyler My spotlight herb for Women is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, not mixed with any other herbs but just straight Red Raspberry.  I have recommended this tea to countless women and the accolades and thanks I...

  • God is Love

    God is Love

    7 years ago

    By Jewel Tyler When I first learned about love it was the love of my parents. Then as I matured I thought I was experiencing the love of the opposite sex. But with each of those experiences I endured heartache and...

  • Are we in the end times?

    Are we in the end times?

    7 years ago

    Is it just me or lately does it seem like the spirit of depression, oppression, suppression and discouragement have become a dominant force in people’s lives today. People are sharing stories of having no hope,...

  • How about loving yourself today

    How about loving yourself today

    7 years ago

                    By           Jewel Tyler When I first think about loving myself, I ponder the thought of why I was created in the first place?. Am I truly fulfilling my purpose ? I am not...

  • You never know when you are entertaining Angels.

    You never know when you are entertaining Angels.

    7 years ago

    By Jewel Tyler After my son totaled my car in an accident, I was without a vehicle, he felt so horrible about it, but I told him I was going to be okay. The car had been a gift in the first place, because my...

  • Having a Conversation With God

    Having a Conversation With God

    8 years ago

    Can you imagine an old friend that you have not seen in years comes to visit. This is a person that you attended elementary, middle and high school side by side; during college you went your separate ways and crossed...

  • Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

    Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

    8 years ago

    Now everyone may not be as zealous or hungry for the Truth as I am but, as I read the Word I began to pray and claim and believe that God would grant and answer my prayer requests. For instance, when I read about...

  • Through Hell and Yet I Stand!

    Through Hell and Yet I Stand!

    8 years ago

    I have been through hell, but as I said I had to realize that I am not the only one that has had painful experiences in my life. I have been raped three times, two times by strangers and once by my ex-husband. I have...

  • Walk With Me

    Walk With Me

    8 years ago

    In this walk of my life, I have endured many hard trials and have also experienced many blessings, as well as, witnessed powerful miracles performed by God. As a young girl, I was raised in the church; my grandfather...

  • Another New Beginning

    Another New Beginning

    5 years ago

    A couple of years ago after recently relocating back to Los Angeles, I was really feeling overburdened. I went for a walk to think, but mainly to talk to God. I asked him why I had experienced so many things in my life....