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My hubs at first were filled with stories of a 4-month trip from New Delhi through Pakistan to China where we backpacked from the west to the east spending most of our time in small villages. Now I have time to write about anything that pops into my mind - things like short term memory, advice for the unemployed, deciding whether or not to spend less in order to give more upon my death. PIcking up plums makes me think of recipes, passing food carts inspires an article about their expansion. I never know what I'll write about next.

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  • Supreme Court Decisions That Affect Our Lives

    Supreme Court Decisions That Affect Our Lives

    8 years ago

    Review of book by Michael Trachtman of Supreme Court decisions that affect our lives. Brief summaries of 37 such cases are in the book and very short descriptions of about a dozen are in this review. Reading about...