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A family man with four children and a lovely supportive wife searching for additional ways to loosen finances. Currently unemployed and finding an honest way to earn for the family.

I'm passionate in watching movies, series, reality shows and documentaries. I enjoy watching anything because I believe that anything written has a story to it. All you need to do is to watch, listen and understand, eventually there's a reason why a story was written. It may be a writer's experience, desire, fantasy, ambition and a ton of different reason. For sure, nothing is written just for the sake of writing and even fiction has a story behind it.

Either watching or reading, there is something you'll learn from it and that is the good thing. It may be a short story, a novel, drama, action or any genre I bet you'll get something from it. Though you may not be aware but at the back of you're head you might be saying subconsciously " Oh, so that's how an Indian accent sounds like." or you've probably learned a moral from the story that you apply now in life.

Man is a beast and has a great hunger for knowledge. It is in our nature to discover and learn new things in life and as the saying goes "Another day, another story." So next time just sit back and relax, pay attention to what you are viewing and I believe you will beleive in me. Nothing is written just for the sake of writing, authors exerted effort or killed some of their brain cells to present their audiences something beautiful ad worthwhile seeing.

Aside from watching films and all I also consider myself the chef at home. I can cook almost all Filipino dishes and I'm serious as to what my family want to eat i cook it for them, well that is if the budget permits...

So if you have any Filipino dish that you feel needing some assistance, I'd be more than glad to provide help and give additional tips for a more enticing gastronomic experience.

I am open to questions and suggestion so please feel free to notify me. Thanks!

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  • Easy to Do Filipino Adobo

    Easy to Do Filipino Adobo

    5 months ago

    Adobo is a very versatile dish. You can use almost any major ingredient in creating it. It can be meat, poultry or vegetable produce, it can be the star of this fine dish.