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  • An Eternal Legacy

    An Eternal Legacy

    9 months ago

    This essay is dedicated to my dear children where I graduated in elementary; to the next batch of students in my alma mater whose dreams I have seen in their bright eyes and to every child I may be privileged to meet, touch and love in the future.

  • Staying Hinged

    Staying Hinged

    10 months ago

    No place can guarantee a hospitable ambiance all the time. Because of this, every living thing has evolved to become adaptable to any type of environment, simply because it increases the chances of survival. In essence, we must find a way to always adjust; that is, if we choose not only to survive b

  • Keep up, Live on

    Keep up, Live on

    11 months ago

    Perhaps we all do come to a time when we question our purposes in life. As the community demands more of our energy to keep everything under standard conditions, we lose time to explore true communal connections. But there are those who never give up, and gives us the reason to keep on going.

  • To Lessen the Painful Side

    To Lessen the Painful Side

    14 months ago

    It grows. Pain can grow deeper, draining every bit life or igniting natural instincts to save what's still remaining. But it can grow even more if we neglect to lessen the pain for one another. We won't be able to save everything, but kindness can.

  • This is My Call

    This is My Call

    16 months ago

    As one saying goes, "Be over-prepared; then go with the flow." We cannot control everything but we can produce a more favorable positive result if we train our minds to anticipate different scenarios. At sunset, after everything has been done & a lot has occurred, what counts is how we reacted.

  • Special Timing

    Special Timing

    17 months ago

    Every story has an ending. But every ending becomes the next chapter of the story. All those memories made, those words and time shared, those food and laughter partaken and those tears washed away will always remain; a cloud of happiness that will always hover over us to keep us company forever.

  • Reviving the Rhythm

    Reviving the Rhythm

    17 months ago

    We all cannot deny it: our lives are a collage of success and failure. Some lifts us, others bury us. But our existence as human beings is meant to be progressive. And our evolution to improvement can only be attained as we continuously learn from our shortcomings and reach for excellence everyday.

  • The Chosen One

    The Chosen One

    18 months ago

    In the midst of our routines of homeworks, board exam reviews, workloads and outings with friends and family, an aurora from a wand can go a long way to keep us sane. Through Science fictions, we are able to ride through the realm of the enchanted,a place very close to home--our imagination.

  • A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind

    18 months ago

    Creative and passionate individuals are reservoirs of modest and kind souls. Just like amber, jade, opal and other gemstones, rare are these invaluable people who unselfishly lend their hands to lead us through our way out of the dark caves of our struggles.

  • Fragrant Chemistry

    Fragrant Chemistry

    18 months ago

    The breeze of air around us has evolved into an assortment of aroma, thanks to the distillation set-ups extracting oils from fruits, flowers, grasses and leaves in chemistry laboratories. Not only do these aromas make us unique, but these also show our personality.

  • Gliding Through the Pages

    Gliding Through the Pages

    18 months ago

    With the digital world conquering the globe nowadays, a trip to the library or the old gesture of leafing through the pages of a book becomes an option that most us may not even consider. Yet books tell a lot more story aside from its content: the origins of our curiosity.

  • A Certain Hope

    A Certain Hope

    18 months ago

    Losing it unexpectedly in an instant can happen to anyone for reasons not all of us can understand. In this fast-paced world, eyes that understand and ears that simply listen are actually all we need to have a reason to move forward.

  • Class 2015

    Class 2015

    18 months ago

    They say people who pass into our lives come and go. But choosing to keep the memories alive we had with one another is our decision. We don't always have to let go. We simply have to understand that we all have different paths to take; in the end, the universal thread will always weave us together.

  • Cherished Change in Mood

    Cherished Change in Mood

    18 months ago

    Often we find ourselves in the middle of mental fatigue that we forget to look at the periphery of our journey to see the beauty of simplicity and to hear the laughter of the purest creatures on Earth: children.

  • Gray


    18 months ago

    People are not divided into good and bad, hero and villain. Our world is simply a balance of different human choices and decisions. And what we must understand is that the ones we make will always affect that balance.


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