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I love to have fun with my 3 boys. I love to spend time with my wife although it is a little difficult now since we work the opposite schedule in order to take care of our 3 boys. I enjoy Karate. I love to cook. I really miss my 1968 Camaro. But I guess it was worth selling because it got us an awesome trip to Disney World. And well gas prices are simply insane.

I have had a lot of fun sharing what I know on Hubpages. If this is your first time to Hubpages I highly recommend joining. Hubpages has made me some extra money while letting me tell others all over the internet what I think about various products. I especially like writing about toys like on my Best Toys For Boys Hub. I think it is great that I have a writing outlet that lets me share my experiences with everything. My favorite part is when fellow hubbers I have become friends with tell me they loved being reminded about one of their favorite toys from when they were younger.

My main website is Best Toys for Boys.com where you can find favorite and most highly recommended toys for boys.

I just started my first Blog The Best Toys For Boys It would be cool if you check it out and post comments. If you are on Blogger I would love to follow you back.

find me on Squidoo.

Squidoo is a similar site to Hubpages and allows you to join and make money off of webpages that they call lenses. To worn you I have had a lot better luck with Hubpages. But, it is definitely worth a shot.

You can also find me on Twitter .

Make money online - Well I had a hub about these but, it got me flagged. I still stand behind them and want to share my success. But, Google's Adsense doesn't like any survey site and therefore neither does Hubpages. I have tried many and these are the best ones I have found.

CashCrate is the best survey site that I use to earn money. Every day you can answer a small and easy survey to get little money. But by the end of the month it starts to add up. You can make a lot if you get trials of products and services. But you typically need to remember to cancel them if you don't want them. You can also make a lot through referall links.

MySurvey is another great site for rewards. It has lots of quick easy surveys that can earn points towards prizes or just plain old cash.

Mylots is a cool forum site where you can earn money through referrals and a little bit from tons of postings. The site has a group for every possible interest you might have.

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