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Hi, Jim Houston here or what's left of him. I'm retired from business and live out in the country with my wife and our kitty Sally. I spend as much time as possible on our John Deere tractor and working in our woods. After college most of my career was spent as a corporate executive in the oil industry, lumber industry, law firms and as a home builder and restoration contractor. My wife and I also had our own business in the legal field working for major law firms. With all the successes I experienced in the corporate world, nothing can touch the creativity I enjoyed in the building business. My wife says I can't go 6 months now without building something. For fun I raced sailing yachts, fished and hunted. Today is more down to earth exploring the woods, enjoying the beauty of nature, reading and writing. I also love computers and my next project will not be with a hammer and nails but with key strokes. I'm looking forward to some rewarding times on Hub Pages with all the talented people.

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