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I am an avid baker, a knitting fiend, a watercolorist, and an art collector. As I got older, I find myself getting closer to nature and wildlife. Hence, I have taken up a liking for photography. A day job keeps me busy which I juggle with my many interests. Squidoo has become an addiction and I am loving every minute of it. Join Fan Club

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  • Plant a Fruit Salad: Four Different Fruits Growing on the Same Tree

    Plant a Fruit Salad: Four Different Fruits Growing on the Same Tree

    18 months ago

    Nothing is more satisfying than growing a fruit tree that bears four different kinds of fruits. Plums, peaches, apricots, and nectarines make a healthy harvest when these are ready to be eaten.

  • Stuffed cornish game hens with wild rice chestnuts and mushrooms

    Stuffed cornish game hens with wild rice chestnuts and mushrooms

    5 months ago

    Make your next get-together festive and special with stuffed Cornish game hens. This easy-to-follow recipe is guaranteed to get rave reviews from your guests.

  • Purple amethyst - the powerful healing stone

    Purple amethyst - the powerful healing stone

    8 months ago

    Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It is a beautiful purple quartz which is believed to have healing qualities whether displayed in your home or worn as a piece of jewelry.

  • Buddha Hand Gestures or Mudras and Meanings

    Buddha Hand Gestures or Mudras and Meanings

    7 months ago

    Buddha postures and hand gestures have interesting meanings. The hand gestures called mudras are believed to have healing benefits when practiced in yoga.

  • Cutleaf Weeping Birch Trees

    Cutleaf Weeping Birch Trees

    19 months ago

    Birch trees with their white trunks and markings have always been a favorite of artists and photographers. Not only are birch trees beautiful, these have medicinal properties.

  • My Best Mother's Day Gift for Mother

    My Best Mother's Day Gift for Mother

    2 years ago

    I brought so much joy to my mother's heart with a portrait of herself painted by me for Mother's Day. It was something she always dreamed about but never expected to receive.

  • Pine Cone Fun Facts

    Pine Cone Fun Facts

    2 years ago

    A recent stroll in our garden made me discover the world of pine cones peeking out of pine needles in the trees--tiny pine cones to very large ones. What are pine cones for? Can you tell the difference between a male...

  • Pollarding Trees

    Pollarding Trees

    8 months ago

    In the winter, when most trees drop their leaves, the gnarly knobs of some trees with antler-like branches stand out among the rest. Learn more about pollarding here.

  • Venetian Jester Masks

    Venetian Jester Masks

    3 years ago

    The Venetian jester mask is the classic male joker face with red and black velvet tines tipped with gold bells. This is handcrafted and fashioned after the centuries-old clown masks worn by professional actors in the...

  • Grow a Succulent Garden

    Grow a Succulent Garden

    3 years ago

    Succulents are beautiful, colorful, hardy, easy to take care of and does not need frequent watering. The rosette-shaped blooms are actually leaves which can be propagated to make new plants.

  • The Gift of the Magi Book Review

    The Gift of the Magi Book Review

    2 years ago

    "The Gift of the Magi" by the great American author, O. Henry, is a treasured Christmas short story that is timeless and beloved all over the world. Written in 1906, this bittersweet story is about a poor young married...

  • Spooky plants

    Spooky plants

    2 years ago

    Some plants look so creepy and spooky that these belong in horror movies. Plants that look like bats, monkeys, bleeding teeth, eyeballs, smell like skunks, are only a few of the fascinating specimens.

  • Why birds like to sit on power lines

    Why birds like to sit on power lines

    19 months ago

    Birds gravitate towards power lines to rest. This is true in cities where there are few trees. However power lines can be dangerous to birds when they touch two wires.

  • The Cuckoo Bird

    The Cuckoo Bird

    7 months ago

    The cuckoo bird is more often heard than seen. The familiar "coo coo" sound is usually associated with the little bird that pops out of the Black Forest cuckoo clock to call out the time. But there is more to the cuckoo...

  • My Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

    My Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

    2 years ago

    This Anton Schneider Black Forest cuckoo is my most treasured collectible from Germany. It is displayed in a litte alcove next to the fireplace in our family room. Aside from the fine craftmanship, reputation and...

  • My Pot Belly Gramophone

    My Pot Belly Gramophone

    3 years ago

    This lens is about my pot belly gramophone circa 1920's, which is neither a stove nor a pig, but an antique handcranked phonograph player. I described it as "pot belly" because visitors that come to my home would often...

  • Chinese Foot Binding

    Chinese Foot Binding

    8 months ago

    The tiny feet of women who had their feet bound since childhood in China were deemed attractive, erotic, and a sure way to find a rich husband. Foot binding was painful, but practiced in old China.

  • Extreme Paper Quilling

    Extreme Paper Quilling

    21 months ago

    Paper quilling is a fun inexpensive project that only needs imagination, creativity and patience. With a little practice, a whole new world of possibilities can be created.

  • Kalagas - Burmese Bead Embroidered Tapestries

    Kalagas - Burmese Bead Embroidered Tapestries

    16 months ago

    Every item in my home has a story behind it. One of my most treasured items is a Burmese kalaga which is the traditional name for an embroidered tapestry from Myanmar (Burma). This style comes from the Mandalay region...

  • Navajo Yei Rugs

    Navajo Yei Rugs

    3 years ago

    Navajo rugs are beautiful woven art pieces created by skilled hands. Aside from the geometric designs, some of the prized collectible pieces depict colorful Yei spiritual beings or warriors.

  • The Mondrian Dress

    The Mondrian Dress

    2 years ago

    Yves Saint Laurent started the Pop Art movement in couture fashions with his most famous design, the Mondrian dress. In 1965 Saint Laurent adapted Piet Mondrian's Broadway Boogie-Woogie painting to clothing to create a...

  • Why birds fly in V formation

    Why birds fly in V formation

    2 years ago

    One of the joys of the changing seasons is seeing migratory birds make their journey in the impressive V formation. Larger birds, like geese, pelicans, swans and cranes head south for the winter and in spring, head back...

  • Historic Niles District of Fremont, California

    Historic Niles District of Fremont, California

    3 years ago

    The first silent spaghetti westerns were filmed in Niles, so were some of Charlie Chaplin's classic movies, like The Tramp. A visit to Niles will beckon you to come back again and again.

  • The bogeyman

    The bogeyman

    5 years ago

    Every child growing up has heard the threat at one time or another "The bogeyman will come and get you." This scare tactic was often used by parents or elders as a way of controlling their children, by frightening them...

  • Kitchen witches

    Kitchen witches

    3 years ago

    A kitchen witch came into my life more than three decades ago in the form of a gift from a young friend named Sarah. When I first saw it I did not know what to think. She told me that I was supposed to display the...

  • Lucky symbols for the home

    Lucky symbols for the home

    3 years ago

    Some people believe in luck, other do not. Noone will turn down good fortune, happiness, prosperity and good friendship, if given a choice. There are many items in my home which I have chosen based on aesthetics,...

  • Are mothers better parents than fathers?

    Are mothers better parents than fathers?

    8 months ago

    The word mother is synonymous to someone who feeds, cares, nurtures and protects. A mother will go to all ends to keep her young from harm's way.This is true for all animals where the maternal instinct is believed to be...

  • Southwest Storytellers and Pottery

    Southwest Storytellers and Pottery

    3 years ago

    My fascination with storytellers began on my first visit to the American Indian Guild Show at the local fairgrounds several years ago. There were weavers, artisans, jewelry makers, and potters selling their creations...