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joaniebaby profile image


Joined 6 years ago




Just another retiree looking for something productive and enjoyable to do with my life after retirement. No, I didn't really want to retire, but my husband thought I should. So I did, but I am still working part time as the substitute for our small town city clerk. It keeps my mind and body active, keeps me knowledgable of the community and its members, and brings in some money for those "little extras" everbody seems to enjoy.

After retirement, my first endeavor was woodworking and I thoroughly enjoyed that. My daughter and her husband gave me a scroll saw for a Christmas present one year and that got me started. That saw scared me orignally--I could just see myself sawing off a finger, but that never did happen. Most of my projects were for my grandchildren, including wooden puzzles, Noah's Ark and all his animals, Sequence game boards, animals, plaques, shelves, hangars for baseball caps, etc. When I retired as the bookkeeper for a local law office, they gave me a router and router table as my retirement gift!! What a wonderful and appropriate gift. Unfortunately, I have had to give that hobby up as my hands don't work quite like they used to.

All my life I have sewed, quilted, knitted and crocheted and that was something I could continue after retirement. I have made a quilt for each of my grandchildren (10). My knitting and crocheting includes making baby caps, booties and blankets for the Preemie Project for the University of Iowa Hospitals.

Also the computer became a big part of my life. The main thing I do, besides emailing my family, is taking surveys, and these also bring in a small amount of money for "extras." These take a lot of patience and time, but I enjoy them. Fortunately I have had no serious problems on the internet as I do get into lots of "questionable" websites. Selling and buying on eBay takes up much of my time. My husband says I have nothing left in the house to sell but HIM! I definitely have been surprised by some of the value of items I have sold. Years ago I made clothes for American Girl dolls for my granddaughter, and I had those patterns. So I thought I would sell them on eBay, thinking I might get as much as $5. Much to my surprise I received many times that. eBay is easy to get started on and a fun way to meet people around the world. Recently I sold an item to a lady in St. Petersburg, Russia. That was exciting.

One of my sons sent me information on HubPages suggesting I try that. After investigating a little further, I decided "Why Not?" So here I am, getting started on a new venture. Wish me luck.

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