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I love dogs, and they love me. I hope to tell you some of the many stories I have concerning my dogs and our lives together.

My hubs will probably be predominately about math. If they generate an interest and fascination for the subject, and will benefit their readers then I will deem them successful. Calculating things is like finding buried treasure; and it can be just as exciting. Paragraph 10 of the first hub, "Graphing a Rational Function," will give you an example of what I'm talking about. When you arrive at the end of a calculation that reveals such an amazing fact, you can't help but to be left in a state of astonishment.

All my math hubs will have something about God in their final paragraph/s.

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  • Graphing a Rational Function

    Graphing a Rational Function

    3 years ago

    A computer or calculator can make a pretty and interesting graph, but if the graph's behavior is understood, then you, obviously, understand the mathematics describing that behavior. Your calculator may not identify...