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God, I hate bios. Jesus, I hate word count limits. This is why I suck at Twitter. To be honest, I usually bypass this part entirely as often as possible, or, even better, I copy and paste this sad and plain bio from all my social media accounts, "26. Friend. Wife. Writer. Gamer. Humanist. Optimist. Seeker of knowledge, peace, and growth." This, however, is mostly true.

I've spent the first half of my 20's studying, surviving, and not writing as much as I should, or could. I worked my way through a Creative Writing program at a very expensive private institute in NYC, where I found Creative Non-Fiction to be my niche. Over the last 5 years, I've written and published a book, worked as a research writer, writing instructor, blogger, while dipping my toes in personal essays and poems.

Moreover, I would not be a writer without the content that life provides me. And, that is why I am someone's someone first. That is why I am my values first. But, like most of us here, we are writers. Firstly, I write to heal. Secondly, I write to connect with others. Thirdly, I write to learn. I cannot quite tell you what to expect from my writing. I will make an effort to write what is not bull shit, unbiased when it should be, and relevant to my readers. See you in the comments section! ;)

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