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I used to be a newspaper reporter and loved that job, but now I'm the author of a couple books with more on the way.

Cancer Time Bomb: How the BRCA Gene Stole My Tits and Eggs is my non-fiction memoir about my experience testing positive for the BRCA genetic mutation (like Angelina Jolie) and having prophylactic surgeries. I write about some of that in my HubPages, but the book is expanded to include my (crazy) family story and experience. Check out all the media accolades at my website.

Freedom Doesn't Just Come Along with a Tree is a Hanukkah story promoting tolerance and diversity. I painted the illustrations for that picture book, and currently, I'm finishing the oil paintings I'm creating for the illustrations for my new book, Magic Peas and Two Front Teeth. The latter is a sweet story about a little girl who can't wait for her new teeth to grow in, so her mother encourages her to eat healthy snacks to help along the process...the peas do the trick. Please "like" the FB pages for my books and sign up for notices at my website.

Thanks for reading!

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