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Writer, poet, activist, musician, insomniac, sailor, photographer, passionist for life and people, curious, reader. Born in Netherlands, moved to States a lifetime ago. Did a 10 year leave of absence from my own mind in the Caribbean; back in North Florida on one of the best islands anyone can imagine, one minute from the beach. Always following the sun and the sea. My motto: Happiness in Life depends on the Quality of your Thoughts. My essay in words and pictures, surrounded by my friend Joe Bonamassa's guitar virtuosity can be found on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t02mLAjhaGc Says it all.

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  • How to Repair an Outboard Water Pump

    How to Repair an Outboard Water Pump

    9 years ago

    What is a water pump and why is it important to me and my outboard motor. Well this is very easy to explain and once you take the time to read this article you should be able to change your own water pump. The water...