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I am John Colarusso a young up and coming writer. I enjoy writing Science fiction, horror, action, and several other fiction based generes of writing. I also love to write about religions and more specifically Christianity. I was born March 7th 1996 in Denville New Jersey and moved to Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania when I was 5 years old. I work to get myself by as it is, but hope that I can turn my love and passion for writing into a career. I am also going to college for writing and journalism. I am also currently engaged to my lovely fiancee Kimbery Payne whom I love to death with all of my heart, and I love back and forth to infinity. I are hoping to marry March 4th 2016 or maybe later in 2016. I have also suffered from drug issues and severe depression, along with anxiety.

Religion will be my most oftenly used topic on my hub pages here, because I love to talk about it. Although I am an atheist I have always been fasinated by religion for as long as I can remember. I question their origins, parallels with other religions, and why people even believe religion or even in a god or gods. It is one of my biggest questions about life.

I also may write reviews and other forms of writing like poetry and such, but my reviews will be about movies, and maybe tv shows and video games, however those probably won't be very often and will be made to coencied with my youtube channel and maybe be a little more detailed than my videos on youtube.

My youtube Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC86RTxDFsj4RK8zlUIBy3QQ

On this channel I play video games, and make reviews. So it is a very simple channel in a sense.

My youtube Discussion Channel: V=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAeDneP1yk0-cX9zDVCOMOQ

On this channel I will be making a lot of videos discussing things like religion and polotics and philosophy.

I am also working on several other youtube channels and projects with people but they are all in planning and production stages so their links will be added when they are up and running.

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