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I was born in the year of the fire snake. I always have that inclination with the Arts since i was a litte girl, self-taught on sketching and painting. I have a strong fascination on anything that flies, it was only sometime ago when i first flew an remote control cessna and i'm completely hooked. Flying R/c is like meditation, it has a calming effect on me. It's good discipline and focus.

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  • Why Were the Impressionists Initially Unpopular?

    Why Were the Impressionists Initially Unpopular?

    5 weeks ago

    What was unconventional and shocking about Impressionists–the way they challenged prevailing traditions; the speed and casualness with which they painted–has now become part of what many people considered to be good...

  • Why Do We French Kiss?

    Why Do We French Kiss?

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    On the face of it, French kissing doesn't seem so sexy, there you are, with your tongue down in your partner's throat, swapping saliva and swarms of bacteria. Thirty-four of your facial muscles are fully engaged, Your...

  • Why Did Van Gogh Cut Off His  Ear?

    Why Did Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear?

    21 months ago

    Facts and background about the artist Vincent Van Gogh's famous ear-cutting. Why did he do it and what happened afterwards?