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  • Where Is The Limit of the Universe

    Where Is The Limit of the Universe

    11 years ago

    What is absolutely known for certain about the limit of the universe is precisely nothing, but the question is a very old one, and modern physics,astronomy, cosmology, and mathematics are making it possible to investigate a range of fascinating theories in ever more detail. Some of the...

  • How To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

    How To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

    11 years ago

    With so many people getting married so often, you may find it difficult to plan a wedding that stands part from the average white dress affair. Remember, nothing is beyond your supreme bridely being - a palace of princes, a gown that changes into a...

  • How Big Stars Blow Their Dough

    How Big Stars Blow Their Dough

    11 years ago

    In their younger days, money didn't come so easy to the filthy rich stars of today. Madonna worked behind the counter at Dunkin' Donuts. David Lee Roth changed bedpans and bedsheets as a hospital orderly. Vince Neil was an electrician, Rod Stewart...

  • Author's Most Embarrassing Moments

    Author's Most Embarrassing Moments

    11 years ago

    Everyone has moments of incredible shame- those defining incidents when all eyes a on you..and you'd give anything to take a silly thing back you just said or did . You thought tripping down the stairs in highschool was bad enough, but wait until...

  • The People that Shaped Rock

    The People that Shaped Rock

    11 years ago

    Some early rock personalities made such an impact on the music business that it would never be the same again. They weren't all musicians, but they all have a vision for a hipper, more united rock subculture. One may not have guessed they would...

  • Why Do You Find Your Partner so Amazing, Even If No One Else Does?

    Why Do You Find Your Partner so Amazing, Even If No One Else Does?

    11 years ago

    "Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else," said George Bernard Shaw, and the statistics back him. Ninety- five percent of us think our partners are above average in appearance, intelligence, warmth, and...

  • Who was Abraham?

    Who was Abraham?

    10 years ago

    It is amazing that Abraham is so well known by name yet his significance remains relatively unknown. From dimly remembered lessons at school, Abraham falls somewhere in a list that includes, Moses, Adam, Joshua , David and Jacob and has vague...

  • The Controversy About Evolution

    The Controversy About Evolution

    11 years ago

    When in 1859, Charles Darwin published his book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, he fundamentally changed the way in which biologists understand the natural world. As well as explaining how all species of living things came...

  • Where Was the Bubonic Plague From?

    Where Was the Bubonic Plague From?

    11 years ago

    One is to consider where ,in a geographical sense, the bubonic plague broke before racing through human population. The other is to consider where biologically, a disease so deadly to humans evolved. Society depends on agriculture...


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