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That "beast" behind me is my latest, but longest, experience in a long series of events and adventures in my life. If you like things that go fast, then you'll want to read about the North American Eagle's 800 MPH challenge to break the world land speed record. If you like distance running, the you'll want to read about my Boston Marathon. If you like mountain climbing, then you'll want to read about my reaching the summit of Mt. Rainier. If you like backpacking, I've posted several hubs of different trips. I also share some of my family's past experience which are quite unique. I invite you to read my hubs.

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  • The Myths of Modern American Culture

    The Myths of Modern American Culture

    10 years ago

    As a young man I used to wonder why most adults I engaged in discussion on topics of that day would usually tell me I didn't understand, but would see things differently when I was older. My attitude towards their...

  • Freddie Lund: Test & Stunt Pilot

    Freddie Lund: Test & Stunt Pilot

    18 months ago

    You Haven't Got Long to Live As a young man of only 20, Freddie Lund joined the Army-Air Corp to become a pilot and fight in World War I. During his time in Europe, he was exposed to mustard gas and nearly died. Upon...

  • 1880s Homesteader's Diary

    1880s Homesteader's Diary

    24 months ago

    Hettie Lee (Will) Anderson, circa 1895 Foreword: I was fortunate to have acquired a typed diary from my great, great grandma, on my mother's side, of her experience in northern Nebraksa as a homesteader during the...