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This is the same person, Kinrik. I made a new account because all of my Hubs got deleted. That, and I enjoy change. I can't wait to write more stuff and get feedback on it! :D

PS: to avoid confusion like there had been on Kinrik. I am indeed a boy.

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  • The Evil of Napoleon

    The Evil of Napoleon

    5 years ago

    Throughout history and the many varieties of opinions we have developed over the years in regard to many historical figures, we as human like to identify the differences between those in the long human story as...

  • Crawfish Boiling

    Crawfish Boiling

    6 years ago

    Regardless of what you call them: crawdads, crayfish, miniature lobsters, crawfish, yaddies (Australia), or anything else, there’s very little that fires up a good meal and family get-together than an old fashioned...