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I am a late bloomer as a writer. Born and raised in New Mexico. Father government. Moved all over US having gone to 9 different schools before graduating from college. Went back for 2nd BS. Married twice, widower with 3 children - none at home. Worked 38 years in manufacturing, mostly in automotive. Only recently started writing.

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  • Chapter 2 - The Drive

    Chapter 2 - The Drive

    45 hours ago

    Chapter 2 of the story, A Coming Home, entitled, “The Drive”. A continuation where TJ begins to unfold the deeper character of his family during the beginning of his “road trip” home for Thanksgiving.

  • A Coming Home

    A Coming Home

    3 days ago

    A Thanksgiving Story about Home, Family & Love. A fiction about a soldier and his imaginary friend. A friend without a family to share in Thanksgiving; but through friendship, learns a family is made.

  • Roses of God

    Roses of God

    2 weeks ago

    Inspired Poem for my Brother in Law and sister in law. Roses of God.

  • Marriage, A Gift from God

    Marriage, A Gift from God

    2 weeks ago

    A observation of thoughts on an honest fear given by many men about marriage to just woman for their entire life, and the problem it betrays about both the man and the perspective.

  • The Watcher of Souls

    The Watcher of Souls

    2 weeks ago

    The last of the three Halloween short stories - intro’s only. This is a story of a family, a death and an angelic battle for the souls of the Montero family, by the ghost who entered their world.

  • The 315

    The 315

    2 weeks ago

    Updated. For the Halloween season. A story about death, and our struggle for answer to why? Photo used with permission by Michael Moore.

  • Hell’s Embrace

    Hell’s Embrace

    3 weeks ago

    A Halloween Story. A story about a forest cursed ... A prophesy given ... A man gifted ... A town cleansed ... An evil confronted!

  • The Burning Tree

    The Burning Tree

    2 weeks ago

    This is the first in a series of photo based fiction short stories. Photo by John Vigil, used with permission. Presented in time for Halloween (Mature Read for graphic horror).

  • Beyond Desire

    Beyond Desire

    2 weeks ago

    One man's view on the love for a woman.

  • Love, Life & Wife

    Love, Life & Wife

    5 weeks ago

    A Love Sonnet for Life, My Wife.

  • Holy Kisses

    Holy Kisses

    2 weeks ago

    A Poem of Destiny. From the Loss of a Wife, to a Life of another. ... The Lord Gives, and the Lord Takes Away! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

  • Rose of Sharon

    Rose of Sharon

    5 weeks ago

    A poem of Gentle and Tender love for a cherished Woman

  • Ghosts in the Maze

    Ghosts in the Maze

    5 weeks ago

    A poem prose about those lost in a maze of memories and self. A prison of fog.

  • Cities of War

    Cities of War

    5 weeks ago

    A Writing on War and National War Cemeteries.