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I write under jpwriter on Hubpages, InfoBarrel, and a few other sites. I'm steadily learning and making money writing. Learning new SEO strategies and ways to optimize my writing endeavors is challenging, rewarding, and exciting.

Although my sign up date was long ago, I'm fairly new to actually writing at HP. I believe the first several articles at any new site are about learning the ropes. I'm concentrating on building a library at Hubpages that is different from InfoBarrel. The key to online writing success is having a diverse portfolio.

If you're interested in earning money writing at Hubpages, sign up! If you sign up at HP, IB, InfoPirate, or Seekyt under me, contact me if you need help getting started. I struggled to earn in the beginning for too long. Most others would have given up. So, let me know if I can help you.

I have articles at InfoBarrel, a site that taught me about going through freelance writer puberty (growing pains, mistakes turning into lessons, learning). Check out my jpwriter articles or sign up if you're interested. Some articles that will help you get started there, and be helpful here, are SEO Tips for Writing Articles, Increase IB Earnings, and Keyword Research Tips.

Infopirate is a web tip and blog site that complements the rest of your work and an opportunity to earn extra income. The site has strict content rules to maintain quality, something I appreciate, so try Infopirate to earn 80% ad revenue. Submit articles as web tips that are backlinks (do follow). Infopirate is a great source of information with a helpful community.

Another revenue share site I'm investing time in is Seekyt. Seekyt is an article only site that splits revenue 70% from Google Adsense and Amazon. It's a friendly site with great admin. Seekyt is young with incredible potential. I'm earning money already, so come check it out and join Seekyt.

Plagiarism is a bad problem on the internet, especially with content writers. It is not okay for someone to copy your article and cite you. For more info about plagiarism and how to stop it please read Why Plagiarism Costs Writers Money.

All articles are original and copyright protected. Please contact me through HubPages for use of content. Thank you.

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