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Joined 3 years ago




Also follow me on:

My name is Jason Repovs, and I’m passionate about data-driven Marketing and Product Development & Management, among other things. When I made the jump from Digital Marketing to New Product Development, people asked me “why switch to something so different?” To that, I’d answer a question with three more: as a Marketer, have you ever wished you knew exactly where to go for inspiration or a fresh perspective? Have you ever had to work with New Product Development or Tech to bring your idea to life? Can you say with certainty that, going in, you understood everything required by those teams to make your idea happen? My desire to answer those with a definitive “Yes” is what drove me to NPD. I wanted to become an expert at knowing what it takes to bring a fresh idea from concept to market.

Ok, enough about work. The lines between work and everything else are becoming more and more blurred… and in my mind, that’s a great thing. It can make the workplace a little more vibrant, a little more… human. So let me tell you a bit about what fuels my fire outside of work. My job is only one of many hats I wear; don’t get me wrong, it fits me well, but you can’t make a wardrobe out of it! Beyond Marketing, I love photography (I shoot with my trusty Rebel T4i), karate (Goju, for the practitioners out there), painting, cooking (I like to think I have the whole Gordon Ramsay thing going on, though my wife might disagree), tennis, golf, dodgeball and continuous learning, among other things.

So there you have it, Jason Repovs 101. Thanks for staying with me – if you like what you read, feel free to reach out with a personalized message – I’m friendly. If you don’t, I won’t take it personally… if everyone in the world had exactly the same style and taste, it would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

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    The Etsy Argument

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    There's a Silver Lining in Every Cloud

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    Dominate Your Competition with the Ultimate Resume!

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