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Hello Hubbers. I am a career student holding degrees in several different fields of study but I am proudest of my Dietetics and Nutrition education and of my M.F.A. in English Composition.

I live in beautiful southern WV. I enjoy many things and you can find a lot of different subjects within my Hubs. Most of all I like to cook, write creatively, watch movies, learn and teach new hobbies, learn and teach subjects that earn money from home and I absolutely adore modern technology.

I am a cancer survivor and a single father of two healthy teens. My greatest accomplishments.

Because of my greatest accomplishments, cooking healthy, exercise and writing are some of my life's fondest pursuits. I love my family, my life, my loves and enjoy teaching the things that I have learned about it to mothers, fathers, children and everyone the world over.

You can find me on Twitter @BHSFilm

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