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jsthomas profile image

Jonathan Thomas (jsthomas)

Joined 22 months ago from Virginia




Also follow me on:

Hello, my name is Jonathan. I enjoy writing articles to compare and contrast with others points of view. I am in the Landscaping business and have been for a few years now, although I'm looking for alternative career paths. I really enjoy sports, especially baseball, football, and basketball. I also enjoy being physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle. I have a B.S. in Economics from Virginia Commonwealth University with a minor in Spanish. If you like my articles or have any suggestions please feel free to comment on them and provide your own opinion.

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  • Applying and Interviewing

    Applying and Interviewing

    14 months ago

    Applying for jobs can be difficult for those looking for a career path for the first time. There are many things to think about before participating in a job interview and finding the right job.

  • The Role of Government

    The Role of Government

    15 months ago

    The role of government has always been to service its people. This article will review some of the ways government does that by looking at how it has evolved over time.

  • Hayek vs. Keynes

    Hayek vs. Keynes

    15 months ago

    A comparison of the different economic outlooks between Friedrich A. Hayek and John Maynard Keynes.

  • The Economic History of Mercantilism

    The Economic History of Mercantilism

    15 months ago

    Mercantilism had many progressions until it began dying off around 1776. The ideology gave way to new thinkers that helped develop new and better ways of economic practices.

  • Collectivism (Socialism)

    Collectivism (Socialism)

    15 months ago

    The economic structure behind the idea of socialism; its origin, its schools of thought, and its founders.

  • Individualism (Capitalism)

    Individualism (Capitalism)

    15 months ago

    The foundation leading to Adam Smith's thoughts on the individual and the wealth of nations.

  • Irish Drinks: St Patrick's Day

    Irish Drinks: St Patrick's Day

    15 months ago

    Whether your mixing drinks to start your St. Patrick's Day shenanigans or your going to the bar and want to know which festive drinks to order, here's a list of some popular Irish beers and cocktails.

  • DIY: A Greener Lawn

    DIY: A Greener Lawn

    15 months ago

    This is a general guide to greener grass for those do-it-yourself people who want to improve their lawns. Keeping up with these tasks can save you a lot in labor costs.

  • Gym Goals

    Gym Goals

    15 months ago

    Losing weight and building muscle take effort but they are very attainable goals. Enclosed are realistic lifestyle tips for an everyday person looking to build muscle, develop stamina, or lose weight.

  • Pitching: Young Athletes

    Pitching: Young Athletes

    15 months ago

    Sometimes we confuse young athletes by making too many suggestions. Young athletes, especially pitchers, need time to experiment with their mechanics.

  • Starting a Landscaping Business

    Starting a Landscaping Business

    14 months ago

    You've considered starting a landscaping business but you are not sure where to begin. Here's some knowledge about how to start and what you'll need.

  • Saving Pays

    Saving Pays

    15 months ago

    Saving pays in more ways than you may think. Not only will you have more money, but you could find yourself in a healthier, happier, and more disciplined lifestyle.