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Writer, thinker, dreamer, relationship-builder, wife, mother, singer, musician, bread-winner, e-book author, and Christian in recovery from organized religion - these are but a few facets of my life.

I've been writing most of my life; I started by writing letters as a child, and people told me that I had "a gift." People liked getting letters from me because they were newsy, they conveyed appreciation for the person and his or her uniqueness, and they shared information about my life and my thoughts, many of which were deep for someone my age. They told me I had an "old soul." Perhaps; you be the judge.

In my work and volunteer life, I've been everything from a janitor at an animal pathology lab to a La Leche League leader to a government office worker to a waitress. Oh yes, and a University student. My BA in Psychology has opened a few doors for me. But so has Life In General. I'm currently taking my Master's in Counselling while working full time; that's an interesting juggling act!

My thoughts on some things might surprise you. I'm not a conventional "modern" woman, and although I consider myself a Christian, I detest what passes for proselytizing and all the "shoulds" associated with being religious. I'll probably write about that a little. Yet, I might just write about my dog, or other facets of my life, like being a student while being the primary breadwinner, or being someone with invisible disabilities (multiple chemical sensitivities for one.)

You just never know with me. So, stay tuned.

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