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Julia Everheart is a 31 year old who never grew out of her adolescent horse-crazy phase. At the age of 28 she finally got her “pony.” That pony happens to be a large and well-bred but slightly nutty ex-racehorse named Baron. When she’s not working full time and taking care of her two children, ages three and one, she divides her time between the barn and her other passion, raising funds and awareness about child sex trafficking in America and abroad.

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  • How to Treat Rain Rot in Horses

    How to Treat Rain Rot in Horses

    5 years ago

    Rain rot, or rain scald, is a bacterial skin infection that is common in horses, particularly in humid, wet weather. The correct veterinary term is "dermatophilosis." Rain rot thrives in a moist, warm atmosphere and is...

  • How to Have a Non-Consumerist Christmas

    How to Have a Non-Consumerist Christmas

    6 years ago

    Christmas is big business in America. If you walk through Wal-Mart or Target in August, you'll feel like you need to put on a sweater and sip some hot chocolate. Santa faces are leering at you from the shelves, along...

  • Why Horses Are Good for Little Girls

    Why Horses Are Good for Little Girls

    6 years ago

    Most little girls go through a horse-crazy phase at some point in their adolesence. There are several theories as to why this is; the most famous is the Freudian theory about little girl's repressed sexual desires and...