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My name is Nikita and I'm a young I.T. student with a massive interest in the internet. I create websites, many of which still sit on my computers unfinished, lol. Woops.

Currently on HubPages I write Facebook articles mainly on privacy how to guides. I also write about laser hair removal and also my experience using Roaccutane for acne treatment.

I have two finished websites. One is http://www.my-acne-journey.com/roaccutane-acne-treatment-blog.html where i have blogged about my use of roaccutane, its side effects, and my experience with treating acne.

The other site is a massive website http://www.just4meonline.com which is a huge collection of email forwards, fave websites and downloads, funny stuff, and basically everything i have some form of interest in. This website is an ongoing project and requires alot of time to add pages.

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