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Hello, everyone! My name is Justin. My entire life has been filled with two passions: one for service, and the other for animals. My family has always had pets, and as my affinity for them grew with my age, I began getting more involved with as many animals as possible. I spent a lot of time getting training at the Toledo Zoo as a teenager, courtesy of the ZOOTeen program. With that training I helped to educate the public in both formal and informal settings. Upon graduation of high school, I entered into military service where I continued with my passion for helping others. Once my tours were complete, I started further education at the college level in Animal Science as a pre-veterinary student. Much of my knowledge is derived from personal experience and research, as well as through formal education. Expect to see some military related writing as well. My hobbies all revolve around staying fit, training animals and trouble shooting behavior problems, as well as attempting to stay up to date on current issues. These will be some of the most popular topics of my writing. I hope you enjoy, and feedback is more than welcome!

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