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Lived a longish time others tell me though I do not notice it, and have experienced many fields of activity. Always keen to seek out a new challenge to test out my talent. Win some, lose some but try to treat them all the same.This philosophy has stood me in good stead through education, sport, business, communications and even public relations.Now dividing the year between UK , Egypt and Turkey for additional stimulation--- and sunshine.These plans hit a wall in JULY2010 with a perporated bowel operation uncovering a Lymphoma on the liver. Subsequently I concentrated my hubs on the progress of my treatment to provide both a diary and encouragement to others in similar positions and to champion the cause of POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE in fighting back against the disease

Once being classified as in remission, I had to face the dilemma of whether to subject myself to High Dose Chemotherapy /Stem Cell Transplant Treatment and many hubs shared this dilemma and the attempts to gain information upon which to base a sensible judgement

Happily,on 21 st April 2011, I was informed that my last scan had revealed no evidence of metabolically active nodal disease. In other words, at least for the reasonable future the team at my Hospital and my own personal support team had won the battle, and for me, life could return to some semblance of normality once more.Now only Neuropathy in hands and feet caused by Chemo, remain to trouble me. A small price to pay in real terms and will self repair in 12 months or so, they say.The Hubs will continue to monitor progress as well as other subjects that interest me, and I hope readers, now over 3000, a figure beyond my thoughts when I began to communicate via Hubs will find things of interest to them within the content.

Following the summer riots and looting in England in 2011, I embarked on a series of Hub"s to follow social change here over my 7 Decades both from a personal and also a general viewpoint. Highly personalised, these found good interest from readers and were completed in December 2011. Since then, in 2012 I have embarked on a whole new pot pourri of topics ranging through things as they arrive on my radar.

I really am the man in the hat above by the way, though not as has been stated in my immediate family, the "MODERN MAD HATTER"..

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