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Retired English professor. Writer, traveler and sports enthusiast.

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  • The Link Between the Baltimore Ravens and Edgar Allan Poe

    The Link Between the Baltimore Ravens and Edgar Allan Poe

    3 months ago

    How Edgar Allan Poe, an important 19th-century American writer, is connected to the Baltimore Ravens—an improbable, but true connection.

  • The Anne Frank House

    The Anne Frank House

    4 years ago

    I cannot remember exactly when I discovered Anne Frank’s life and fate in her Diary, sometime in my teens, I am sure. It must have had some connection to a reading assignment that I was doing for my English class,...

  • Santorini's Beauty

    Santorini's Beauty

    4 years ago

    about half a century ago a discussion of our western world’s history of ideas in college class textbook only half seriously, some thought, posited the idea that greece’s classical greatness in...

  • Sophia, Bulgaria

    Sophia, Bulgaria

    5 years ago

    sophia remains damned by its inglorious, failed communist past in our new century its train tracks into the city from the prague and budapest passing though picturesque roughly pointed hills [the...

  • Health Care: The US and the Developed World

    Health Care: The US and the Developed World

    5 years ago

    I recently consulted World Health Organization data on the status of health care around the world in developed nations for cost, infant mortality and life expectancy. The results were astounding. Though the US spends...

  • Each Morning's Light

    Each Morning's Light

    7 years ago

                each  morning’s light every evening’s night begins, ends in your love whatever joy or cares were, are behind, before me your love now looks o’er me making ...

  • Poem--Deep South

    Poem--Deep South

    7 years ago

                deep south down here winter’s sweeping, swirling snow sparkles in incessant summer glare, sand of receded ocean covering now lowland costal plain- in summer ...



    7 years ago

            a battered dishpan perhaps a half century old with well-chewed gum filling wear-holes before running water entered her house with dishwasher and washing machine lightening her load of retirement living:...

  • A Valentine's Poem

    A Valentine's Poem

    7 years ago

                            love builds for humans all a temple of purest thoughts where hope’s dreams become real where time remains young through passing years where then’s...

  • Pyramids and Tombs

    Pyramids and Tombs

    7 years ago

    Sphinx and Pyramid cairo's smog inexplicably is explained away by our excellent guide as being the result of nile fog and agricultural fires burning in the countryside between the sahara and...