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    Who Was William Faulkner?

    6 weeks ago

    William Faulkner is one of the greatest short story writers and novelists of not only the United States but the whole modern world.

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    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?-1400): The Father of English Literature

    15 months ago

    When Chaucer was born in England in about 1340, there were two prestigious languages, the Latin of the Church and education, and French of the court and government. Chaucer's writings established English as a standard language of the country which remains with us today in our modern world.

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    John Keats: Beauty and Truth In a Life of Art

    14 months ago

    John Keats, along with Byron and Shelley, was part of the second generation of romantic poets in 19th century England. His medical education gave him certification in medicinal training, but he turned to poetry, being essentially self-taught, and in five short years, he became a towering poet.

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    Edgar Allan Poe: A Brilliant Mind and a Tragic Life

    22 months ago

    Edgar Allan Poe's was a brilliant writer. He composed one of the most famous poems in American literature, helped to invent the of the short story and the mystery as well as helping to establish science fiction writing. However, his life was essentially tragic in his relationships with others.

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    Emily Dickinson: Great American Poet

    22 months ago

    Emily Dickinson is a towering figure in American poetry, beside Whitman and Frost. She dedicated her life to her family and her poetry relatively early in her life; then as her father and mother passed away, she centered her life substantially on poetry and on her chosen household tasks.

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    The Great Lie and Destructiveness of Auschwitz

    16 months ago

    Both times that I visited Auschwitz I was overcome with the a deep feeling of depravity of the Nazis who completed it, and how much was part of a governmental system which has so badly harmed its world then and it in remains our world today in the form of white nationalization in our country.

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    The Link Between the Baltimore Ravens and Edgar Allan Poe

    6 weeks ago

    This article discusses how Edgar Allan Poe, an important 19th-century American writer, is connected to the Baltimore Ravens—an improbable, but true connection.

  • The Anne Frank House and Museum, Amsterdam

    The Anne Frank House and Museum, Amsterdam

    22 months ago

    Decades after I read Anne Frank's diary as a teenager, I visited the rooms that she and others lived in at the time, the Netherlands. My first visit, and others that followed, had a profound effect on me.

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    Beautiful Santorini and the Myth of Atlantis

    4 months ago

    Our visit to Santorini, a brief interlude in a three week journey from Warsaw to Istanbul was a wonderful experience to an extraordinarily beautiful place in Greece's Aegean Sea, and with a history possibly going back to a big bang in the time of the lost Atlantis.

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    Pyramids and Tombs: Egypt's Rich History

    6 weeks ago

    Our trip to Egypt was a week, divided into two parts. In Cairo, we visited the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Cairo Museum with a great King Tut display. the other part of our visit was the Upper Nile, including Karnak and the tombs of Pharoahs in the Valley of the Kings.


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