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    How People Use Defense Mechanisms

    4 months ago

    Some people use defense mechanisms to relieve stress. Healthier options include sports, hobbies, travel, reading, movies, and a host of other activities for stress release.

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    What Are Personal Boundaries?

    2 years ago

    Boundaries are safety zones we place around ourselves and our family. They let us form healthy relationships and permit others to understand how they should behave.

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    Defining Aggressive Behavior

    2 years ago

    Aggression is action motivated by angry emotions or hostile intentions, inflicting pain, intimidation, or emotional suffering on others. Acts of aggression intentionally cause pain or harm to others.

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    Coping With Conflict and Confrontation

    6 years ago

    Conflict is painful. It brings out anger, fear, and anxiety, and most try to avoid it. However, it can be a positive experience when handled correctly. It's a natural part of an imperfect world.

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    A Christian Perspective on Being Single

    6 years ago

    Many of us tend to assume single people are missing out on something.

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    Curse of "The Little Rascals"

    8 years ago

    Between 1922 and 1944 there were 221 Our Gang films produced. Out of the 176 actors who participated in the show only a handful gained star status in the comedy series. They became known as The Little Rascals beginning in the mid-1950s, when 80 of the original "talkies" were syndicated for...

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    A Brief History of Personal Ads

    6 months ago

    Personal ads first began appearing over 300 years ago in England and continued to evolve through the centuries. Today, they've taken the form of dating apps.

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    Diane Downs: Martyr or Murderess?

    8 years ago

    "Somebody just shot my kids!" was all Diane Downs kept screaming as emergency room staff scrambled to her assistance. Diane didn't give any answers right away, avoiding the identity of the shooter.

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    The Outlaw "Dirty Dave" Rudabaugh

    8 years ago

    Rudabaugh was a notorious cattle rustler, stagecoach and train robber during the 1870s and 80s. He was known to have ridden with the infamous “Billy the Kid” and some say, the only man Billy ever feared.

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    "Oatman Massacre" at Gila River

    8 years ago

    During the 1800's many pioneers braved the journey across the Western frontier headed for Ca. Many didn’t make it. The "Oatman Massacre" made National headlines.

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    Old West Marshals in Indian Territory

    8 years ago

    Many John Wayne fans may not be aware the character of Rooster Cogburn in “True Grit,” was based on a real person. His name was Calvin Whitson, the only one-eyed deputy marshal in Judge Parker's court. The evidence is mostly circumstantial but strongly indicates Whitson was the "real" Rooster...

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    "The Texas Eyeball Killer" Case

    12 years ago

    Charles Albright is far from being the most notorious serial killer in American history. His list of victims only includes 3 women, all known prostitutes in Dallas, TX. What makes him standout was he committed his first murder at the age of 57 and...

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    The Ruthless Outlaw Cullen Baker

    8 years ago

    Cullen Montgomery Baker was without a doubt, one of meanest, cold blooded killers in the Old West. He once shot and killed a black slave woman simply because he didn’t like her looks and Cullen Baker did not like black people. At least a dozen dead men were left by him and those who rode with him....

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    Early Ozark Superstitions

    8 years ago

    The Ozark Mountains of the 1800's were full of superstitions, some still remain. Practices and daily life in these mountain communities, today might be regarded as strange.

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    Building Matchstick Models

    17 months ago

    Building matchstick models is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, and it would be even more popular if people knew a little more about it.

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    Bald Faced Truth About Hairless Dogs

    8 years ago

    Hairless dogs tend to be cleaner and don’t have the annoying odor of other dogs since they don’t have hair which can trap dirt. Additionally, they require much less grooming.

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    Terrifying Tale of Slaughterhouse Canyon

    8 years ago

    There are several variations to the Slaughterhouse Canyon legend. Although there are differences in the tales, the premise of the story is the same.

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    "Little Britches" and "Cattle Annie"

    23 months ago

    Cattle Annie and Little Britches are mostly forgotten in western history, but not in Oklahoma and Indian Territories. There, they were the two most famous female outlaws ever to strap on a six-gun.

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    The Old West Wagon Trains

    8 years ago

    Life on a wagon train could be extremely harsh. These hardy souls arose very early each morning before dawn to prepare for the day. A normal routine would be to start the fire, prepare breakfast, gather the livestock, reload the wagon and hitch up the team. Around 7:00 a.m. they headed out.

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    Charley Parkhursts' Deep, Dark Secret

    13 years ago

    Charley Parkhurst was found dead in bed on December 18, 1879. But to the surprise of Charley's friend's, the person they found was not who they thought he was. Charley was a woman! Parkhurst, aka: One Eyed Charley, Mountain Charley, Six-Horse...

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    The Great Depression, "Black Tuesday"

    8 years ago

    On October 29th, thereafter known as "Black Tuesday," after nearly a decade of prosperity, the United States was catapulted into economic ruin.

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    Whatever Happened to CB Radio?

    16 months ago

    CBs became popular during the 1970s, partly because of the 1973 oil crisis and a nationwide 55 mph speed limit. CBs were used to help truckers locate stations with fuel and avoid speed traps.

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    Great Internet Hoaxes: The Bonsai Kitten Prank

    3 years ago

    One of the all-time great internet hoaxes was the Bonsai Kitten Hoax, where a group of MIT students set up a fake website that depicted methods for growing bonsai-style kittens. It fooled many.

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    The Man Who Captured Geronimo

    8 years ago

    Perhaps you never heard of him. He was best friends with Wyatt Earp, witnessed the gunfight at the O.K Corral, a mayor of Tombstone, Arizona and captured Geronimo without firing a single shot.

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    The Puritans' Massachusetts Bay Colony

    8 years ago

    The Massachusetts Bay Colony was an English settlement on the New England coast of North America in the early 1600’s. It was formed by Puritan settlers fleeing religious persecution in England around what is known today as the cities of Boston and Salem.

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    Should Parents Spank Their Children?

    8 years ago

    Although it was the accepted norm of earlier times, many self proclaimed experts question the effectiveness of spanking. Some view it as a barbaric anachronism left over from an unenlightened era.


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