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  • Last Hour for Our Souls

    Last Hour for Our Souls

    2 months ago

    A look at our society's belief system

  • Our Nature of Struggle.

    Our Nature of Struggle.

    9 months ago

    The hard struggle with sin, how it shapes our daily lives.

  • The Prosperity Illusion

    The Prosperity Illusion

    9 months ago

    How some pastors misuse offerings.

  • The Christian Theory

    The Christian Theory

    9 months ago

    Spiritual Struggle.

  • Cops and Black People.

    Cops and Black People.

    9 months ago

    Truth, and nothing more.

  • Let God Fix Your Marriage

    Let God Fix Your Marriage

    9 months ago

    Do your part and God will fix the rest. Dont give up, and keep your peace. Always pray. Try your best, especially in a marriage to "Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry."

  • Happiness and The House of Disorder.

    Happiness and The House of Disorder.

    9 months ago

    Some days I have seen to be very dark. But in my process of change I have learned to look over things that used to bother me. Life is not all that good if you asked me, in fact it can be rough at times. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to be alive, but...

  • Dysfunctional and Ghettotutionalized

    Dysfunctional and Ghettotutionalized

    9 months ago

    The journey to your life is based on foundations. The people around you and the environment you are raised in will form the course of your life. I only wished that parents were more aware of this, and showed more concern for their children. I just...

  • Jesus - VS -Texas Injustice

    Jesus - VS -Texas Injustice

    9 months ago

           What is the value of a man? Does his deeds determine how we treat him? Should we as a society care about a man's rights, regardless if he is right or wrong? Be careful how you judge and answer these questions. Because this could be you,...

  • Why Are You Mad?

    Why Are You Mad? "Mad Black Woman?"

    9 months ago

    Its just a thought.....   I know allot of women are going to have allot to say about what I am about to type. Through my experiences of dating different women, I have come to the conclusion that they are all crazy. No matter what race they are. I...

  • Spiritual Restlessness

    Spiritual Restlessness

    9 months ago

    Mr Jykeith         Your in a dream it seems during the day. In the day time you just move along like nothing is happening to you. You smile and pretend like your OK, but your really not. Something is wrong, but you just cant put your finger...

  • Trials and Forgiveness : The 180 Degree

    Trials and Forgiveness : The 180 Degree

    9 months ago

     I heard it once said "sometimes you have to pay what you owe." Or like my grandmother used to say "jk, your going to have to pay for some of this stuff before you meet the Lord." Well, she was right. At the age of almost 35, in two months I lost...

  • Spank Your Kids....

    Spank Your Kids....

    9 months ago

    Lets speak plainly about our youth. Through out the years I have noticed a horrifying trend when it comes to our youth-- lack of discipline. When I was a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's, we had a thing called "respect". And if you got out of...

  • Why do men cheat? I'll tell you why....

    Why do men cheat? I'll tell you why....

    9 months ago

    I guess allot of men are going to be pissed. But as a changed man you've got to come clean. I used to be a very "bad boy", and hung around with allot of "bad boys". So you know what they say.."birds of a feather..etc" When we used to hang out we...

  • The Masterpiece

    The Masterpiece

    9 months ago

    What brings you here? Why have you come to sit on my stool once more? In stillness I prepare to capture your beauty. Before you came there was nothing, but now i have an image for my canvas. I feel asleep one nothing while the ran was streaming down...

  • The Nature of A Strayed Heart

    The Nature of A Strayed Heart

    9 months ago

    The Nature of a Stray Heart I heard before on many lonely ears "Like a moth to a flame" we get burned. After a time we loose ourselves, in choices that are made and mistakes lead to regret. But I think of that regret, slow pain that burns the back...


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