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Jykeith Comal profile image

Jykeith Comal

Joined 10 years ago from Richmond, TX




Jykeith Comal Thornton(Ja kef). Born in Cininnati OH. But has lived in Las vagas, San Diego, Oakland, Augusta, Toldeo, Norfolk, Newport News, Dayton, Cleveland, Boise, Bremerton , Seattle and Houston Texas. Jykeith was a ward of the state in Hamilton county 86-92. He is a graduate from Robert A. Taft HS, the University of Toledo, Grand Canyon University, C.C.S.N (las vegas) and Compusoft. Jykeith is also a former sailor for the United States Navy. He is a Writer, Poet, and currently works in communications, and A+ cert tech.

He is 43 yrs old.

" I am a free spirit, like my Grandmother would say. I have never been afraid to get on a plane or bus, and start my life over. Ever since I was in H.S. I just wanted to go, and see what the world had to offer me. The Navy helped a poor young man from the hood to see those things. I have met so many different people. Each person I carry with me, and the lessons that they taught me. Some good and some bad, but through it all, it made me the person I am today. The best class room is the world. You can be book smart, but if you dont have street, or worldly knowledge, you will never be fully complete. I have went from having everything, to being homeless, and doing it all over again. With God on my side....I will never be broken. So about my travels, I wouldnt change a thing. And with lost loves, it made me a better loving person. I just always had that bug in me to explore."

"My goal is to leave something behind. I will always keep it real in hubs, or a book. I just feel thats how I was rised, and anything other than that would be a foul to my family and my upbringing. But love to all that tell it how it is, and thats from the heart."

"Well, for fun, I spend allot of money, buying or watching movies. I guess the habit started when I was a kid, and my grandmother used to take me to what she calls the "picture show, or the show". But at night, I spend time brain searching because I love to write. And to my Ex's ...If your happy, then I am tickled. P.S and good luck. Thank you very much for setting me free."

"Also, I would like to say that I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts, and feelings on this website. I dont have very many fans, but the ones that I have, I am thankful for them all the same. I love writing and I just feel, if i can help just one was all worth it. You have to give something back, and thats the point of all of this. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and read some of my hubs. Lord knows all of our time is percious so don't waste any of it. God bless

Sincerely Jykeith

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