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    Do Not Hesitate to Take a Step Forward as You Know About the Bestest You

    12 months ago

    I always hesitate to take decisions in life and think of the pros and cons before hand. I take prior views of others too. But many a times, if the results are improper, I become a victim of the blame game.

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    12 months ago

    The author wants to study Humankind. Is Humankind, nowadays, experiencing, the Real Living or the Assisted Living, remains still the broad, unexplained term.

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    LOVE- Luring Out Violent Emotions

    7 months ago

    A young female, deals with her relations expecting to get at least 50% returns. In the meanwhile she is encountered with an extramarital affair which turns out to be a well pre planned love for her.

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    Dehydration of Skin - Hydrate Your Skin Instantly With Quick Remedies Found in Your Home!

    12 months ago

    Skin is an important organ and amongst the five senses of human body. Any changes in atmosphere or any effects on our body can also have an adverse effect on our skin. I have written about Skin dehydration and also about certain home remedies to be used instantly for quick relief.

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    Male Peafowl

    14 months ago

    Peafowl or Peacock is an Omnivorous, forest rooster bird which has its significance in various parts of the world. It has also obtained Grand position in the crown of God and was also considered immortal. Was chosen as an honourable dish in medieval times ceremonies. Source- Wikipedia

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    Best Reading Technique-Accelerated Reader/Reading (AR) or Books.

    13 months ago

    Home Schooling and School with Grades 7 to 9 opt for Accelerated Reading. Are the Grades benefiting from AR or should there be a call out for only Books OR All grades should take the Accelerated Reading as the ultimate method of developing reading skills.

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    Learning and growing

    12 months ago

    Life is a perfect teacher. Learning is a life long process. Each one of us keep learning the whole life in different situations. Kids keep learning from parents, friends, teachers, neighbors and relatives. They always remember what their dear ones teach them for their safety and benefit.


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