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I am a terrible blogger. I have begun a million times and never get past the first post to follow through with more posts, and I have one Wordpress that is still getting the occasional follower! It is shameful, and one of the main symptoms of what I am less than satisfied with in my own personal development assessment. So, intent upon making things happen (as I am in desperate need of an income and have an aptitude for words), I get upon that old proverbial horse once more.

On the name, K8up: My name is Karen, thus the K. 8up is a double entendra. The first meaning is ilicit, slightly, and referrs to how, from many years as a connoseur of chemical illegaliies, I am slightly retarded. The other side of the meaning here is that 8 is also an infinity sign turned on its side and added to "up" which is to mean a positive and upwards progression (which is the ideal I strive for by nature).

Welcome and happy reading!

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