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Author, Researcher, Scientist and Historian. And obviously by the nature and content of my hubs, a Karaite Kohen. If you have no idea what Karaism is, then this is probably the best place for you to gain an appreciation of what 30,000 people in total in this world believe. What we lack in numbers we make up in the strength of our convictions. My family heritage provides me with an inisight that few people share. Let me explain.....

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Deliverance: Part 1 of the Flavius Josephus Journal

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  • The New American Protocols of Zion

    The New American Protocols of Zion

    5 months ago

    The modern version of the protocols are alive and well and can be seen almost everywhere. There is no crime for having positions of authority and power, the only crime is when one fails to use it!

  • The Inevitable End of an Empire

    The Inevitable End of an Empire

    23 months ago

    It will not end the way this well-oiled manipulative machine that pulls our strings thinks it will. In the end, we will all lose and America and all it stands for will be utterly lost.

  • The Kabbalah Cult: Karaite Perspectives

    The Kabbalah Cult: Karaite Perspectives

    5 years ago

    The fact is that God has already told us through the Torah and the Tanakh what He thinks of Kabbalah and those that profess alternative beliefs or belief structures to those he ordained to Moses and Aaron. Not a single...