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Welcome to what will hopefully become known as a very interesting little corner of the hub pages, for all of those who visit here. While you are here, you will get a perspective and be introduced to both the Southern and Northern hemispheres of this big spinning blue & green rock in which we all live on and call home.

Hopefully when you are through visiting and move on, you'll either take with you a little nugget of helpful & interesting information, or have a big smile upon your face. The true goal here is for you to have both of these when you surf on over to another hub. The main thing is for you just to have some fun while you are here, which is what the hub pages are truly all about anyway.

In just 5 years the hub pages have become a truly magical & wonderful place on the Internet. There's no other web site out there that's quite like it, where you receive so many kind comments in return for your writing. Thank you all so much for all of those priceless comments, and please keep them flowing in, which is the biggest reward possible here on the hub pages.

Thank you so much for stopping by. There's always going to be something new here, so please hurry on back to visit!

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