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Carlos Mendes (kar351)

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Since a I was a child (did I ever grow up?), technology, sci-fi and the mysteries of the universe always fascinated me.

I love gadgets, new things, computers (ofc!), I love well made stories that make you wishing to live in those imaginary worlds.

PC Gamer with a passion and a bit of geek!

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  • Best Real Time Strategy Games for Pc

    Best Real Time Strategy Games for Pc

    3 years ago

    Play some of the best RTS games released for the PC in the last couple years. These are some of the games that I played a lot and still do. If you love RTS games, you need to try these at least once.

  • Best Space Games for PC

    Best Space Games for PC

    9 months ago

    Great games that let you explore, fight, and trade in outer space. Space games can be beautiful, immersive and fun.