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    Teaching Classic and Traditional Poems About the Sea

    2 years ago

    An exploration of classic sea poems that can be paired together for classroom study, with audio and other tips for supporting comprehension.

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    Eating Vegetarian With Reduced Histamine and Glutamate

    8 years ago

    I am being facetious when I say I am allergic to flavor! Sensitive to flavor enhancers would be closer to the truth. It's not the most typical form of intolerance, but there are times I need to be very careful about what's in my food. Histamine and...

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    The Cross of Gold Speech: Beginning Rhetorical Analysis

    21 months ago

    William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech was a masterpiece in its day. It still is -- and it can be used to develop students' rhetorical analysis skills.

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    Lesson Plans for The Stories Julian Tells

    7 years ago

    The Stories Julian Tells is a popular beginning chapter book for students at third grade level. It's an engaging family story with some 'big ideas' or themes that children have to dig to get to. It's a Common Core reading selection. My favorite way...

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    Mary Poppins Lesson Plans

    7 years ago

    For nearly half a century, children have been watching Mary Poppins. Fewer have read the original book by P.L. Travers. I believe it's a worthy read. While it lacks the singing that I so enjoyed in childhood, it does give a young reader a lot to...

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    Lois Lowry's Gossamer: Lesson Plans

    7 years ago

    Newberry-winning children's novelist Lois Lowry is adept at presenting universes with rules not quite like our own. In Gossamer,she presents us with a unique world, even though ostensibly it takes place in our own nighttime landscape. There are...

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    Wizard of Oz Lesson Plans for High School: Critical Analysis

    4 years ago

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is almost an all-ages book. It was written at about 6th grade level, though younger students have embraced it as their own. The book even provides opportunities for high school students to sharpen their skills. It can...

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    The Wizard of Oz Lesson Plans

    5 years ago

    The Wizard of Oz is high interest reading for students in the middle grades. Explore lesson plans for the classic book as well as for the new prequel and sequel.

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    Baby Baa Baa: Still Talking after 30 Years

    8 years ago

    Baby Baa Baa was a born conversationalist, and he is oh-so-charismatic -- though admittedly, he has always been limited to a handful of key phrases. They are expressions like "I'm Baby Baa Baa," "I love you," and "I'm baa-ashful". Believe it or not,...

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    Dolls for Native American Children

    7 years ago

    Traditionally, "Native American inspired dolls" have been objects that sat on shelves, teaching a mixture of truths and untruths, primarily to adults. Many have been a mishmash of cultural traits, drawn largely from the Plain states. Ah, but what...

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    South Asian Dolls

    7 years ago

    To girls, dolls can be confidants. They can also be a reflection of a girl's current and future self. These days, thankfully, dolls come in all the shades that people do. Depending on their faith and traditions, they may wear saris or abayas. You...

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    Asian Dolls: Representing our World

    4 years ago

    In decades past, there was the Japanese Jan doll, providing at least a token acknowledgement that little girls of different ethnicities sat in classrooms together (with their hands up). But mostly little girls, whatever their race, got white baby...

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    Henry David Thoreau Poems

    7 years ago

    Henry David Thoreau is a well-remembered and well-loved literary figure, even now, 150 years after his death. It's primarily his prose that is studied, but he is also credited with about 300 poems. In poetry, he extolled nature, noted the...

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    A Little Princess: Lesson Plans

    21 months ago

    Explore lesson plans and resources for Francess Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess.

  • 24

    Teaching Critical Literacy with The Secret Garden

    3 months ago

    In this article, you will find a bit of literary criticism, written with the teacher in mind. You will also find critical literacy lesson plans for this Frances Hodgson Burnett classic.

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    Habitat Study: Polar Lesson Plans

    7 years ago

    If you went to the Arctic, what do you think you'd see? During our habit unit, my second and third graders would begin the morning by enthusiastically chanting that poem. They knew there was much to see in polar lands! If Ms. Frizzle had shown up...

  • 7

    Ralph Waldo Emerson Poems

    21 months ago

    Listen to Ralph Waldo Emerson poetry, and explore the meanings behind works such as "The Amulet" and "The Fable".

  • 5

    Robert Frost Summer Poems

    8 years ago

    Summer is on its way, but there's still time for literature! Robert Frost was a master at capturing the nuances of different seasons, and summer is no exception. In his poems, we find summer captured in a variety of ways. It is portrayed as a time...

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    Emily Bronte Poems

    4 years ago

    Emily Bronte's poetry includes evocative cadences and enigmatic meanings. Listen to some poems and explore poetry analysis here.

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    Robert Frost Autumn Poems

    7 years ago

    Robert Frost's poems capture the nuances of seasonal change. Explore the many faces of fall while listening to audio recordings of a few Frost autumn poems.

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    The Little Prince: Truth in Metaphor

    4 years ago

    Antoine de Saint Exupery's author's note on The Little Prince-- "not for grownups" -- is a bit facetious. On the one hand, The Little Prince does portray 'grownups' as folks who go around foolishly pursuing wrong values; still the story themes (and...

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    Robert Frost's 'Mending Wall': Multimedia Lesson Plans

    7 years ago

    Robert Frost's "Mending Wall" can be read as an early 20th century nature poem, the tale of two neighbors who meet in April to repair the damage that the winter freeze has inflicted upon their shared wall. The poem can also be read as an allegory...

  • 39

    Promoting Critical Literacy with The Ugly Duckling

    4 years ago

    Should we close the book on a happy ending or explore the story's hidden messages? "The Ugly Duckling" is an excellent text for developing critical literacy skills.


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