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  • Psychology of an Online Scammer

    Psychology of an Online Scammer

    10 years ago

    We live in an age of unprecedented advertising. Even young children are pitched to directly and indirectly everyday, and in many mediums, including some school buses!  Ads are everywhere and savvy marketers know how to get their target market's...

  • Universal Health Care? Only if You are a Communist

    Universal Health Care? Only if You are a Communist

    10 years ago

    If people could separate themselves for just a moment, from their political beliefs, and look at the health care issue objectively, they would probably have a change of heart.  Republican Americans want people to believe that universal healthcare...

  • About Gay Pride

    About Gay Pride

    11 years ago

    Let me preface this hub by stating that I support equality for homosexuals. I am also for educating the public on the fact that homosexuality is not a choice and that being homosexual is no more deviant than being left handed. Gay pride parades...

  • General Acceptance of Homosexuality Causes End of Civilized Culture

    General Acceptance of Homosexuality Causes End of Civilized Culture

    11 years ago

    I've been engaged in an interesting debate with one of my facebook friends. His status line stated: "Not just homosexuality but the GENERAL ACCEPTANCE of homosexuality is one of the final indicators of the end of a culture or state." My initial...

  • How Not to Let an Arrogant Ass Mess with Your Mind

    How Not to Let an Arrogant Ass Mess with Your Mind

    9 years ago

    Charles Haanel, writer of the infamous MasterKey System, speaks about the "world within" and how it dictates what will manifest into our reality or circumstance. The world within is your sub-concious mind. In more simplistic terms, what you think...

  • Veretekk Unleashed

    Veretekk Unleashed

    11 years ago

    It strikes me as odd that Veretekk has remained somewhat of a secret on the internet. When I was first introduced to it in 2005, I was pretty new to internet marketing. I was awe struck. Quite frankly, I really didn't know what to look at first,...

  • Internet Marketing School of Hard Knocks

    Internet Marketing School of Hard Knocks

    6 years ago

    People continue to turn to the internet in efforts to strike it rich, or at least eek out a living. The internet is a viable income source - if you avoid the pitfalls.

  • Why Polygamy Should Be Legal

    Why Polygamy Should Be Legal

    11 years ago

    In Canada, being married to more than one person is illegal. It is in fact, a criminal offence. Section 293 of the Criminal Code prohibits “any form of polygamy [or] entering into a conjugal union with more than one person at the same time.”...

  • Women in Combat

    Women in Combat

    10 years ago

    I watched a disturbing news story the other night. It featured an American woman who had recently returned home from the battle fields in Iraq. You know, women have been involved in war before, but this is the first time we have mothers leaving...

  • Social Networking or Web 2.0

    Social Networking or Web 2.0

    12 years ago

    Social Networking 101... internet marketers need help with socializing! Have you noticed on social networks that marketers seem to lack social skills? The kids who are on MySpace and Facebook for fun are the ones who have the huge friends lists... ...

  • A View from the North

    A View from the North

    11 years ago

    As a Canadian watching the election process in the USA, I feel more like I am watching a docu-drama or a soap opera. If only our politics were this exciting, we might actually get people out to vote! And that is exactly my point to this article....


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