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Kathleen has been a freelance writer since 1999 and writes from southern Wisconsin. Her work has appeared in Doll World Magazine, Apolloslyre.com, The Lake County Journals, Trails.com; USA Today (travel), Livestrong.com (lifestyle), Essortment, eHow and Answerbag.She is also the author of two novels, Head Case and its sequel Whiplash, and has short stories published in the Secrets: Fact or Fiction I & II anthologies.

Certain she was born in the wrong era, it’s not unusual to find Kathleen scoping out museums and historic sites just for fun. An avid music lover, she once worked as a local band's live stage photographer and merchandise girl. She is a life-long animal lover and advocate, book junkie and sports fan.

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  • Camping With Your Pooch

    Camping With Your Pooch

    19 months ago

    People love to include their canine family members in many activities, and camping is no exception. Be sure you are prepared before your trip so you, and other campers, can have a pleasant experience.

  • Ireland's Lahinch

    Ireland's Lahinch

    19 months ago

    "Lahinch takes its name from the Irish 'An Leacht' or 'Leacht Ui Chonchubhair,' meaning 'The Memorial Cairn of O'Connor.'" ~ Claire.ie

  • Pit Bull Facts and Myths

    Pit Bull Facts and Myths

    19 months ago

    Sensationalist reporting. Publishers and broadcasters alike seem to salivate as soon as the next dog bite or attack story comes across their desks. Especially if the dog is a 'Pit Bull.'

  • My Bay City Rollers Experience - Tartanized Since 1975

    My Bay City Rollers Experience - Tartanized Since 1975

    19 months ago

    The Bay City Rollers have been causing chaos and hysteria for over forty years, and I was not immune to their charming looks and upbeat pop songs. Here is my story.

  • Heat Dangers For Dogs

    Heat Dangers For Dogs

    19 months ago

    It's no secret that leaving a dog in a hot car can be dangerous or deadly, yet every day you hear stories about people doing just that.

  • Is the Sun Dangerous For Dogs?

    Is the Sun Dangerous For Dogs?

    19 months ago

    Dogs might come with their own coats, but this fur does not protect them from the sun's harmful UV rays. Dogs, especially light-colored breeds, are just as susceptible to skin cancer as humans.

  • Plaid Or Tartan - Is There a Difference?

    Plaid Or Tartan - Is There a Difference?

    19 months ago

    “Only in North America are the terms plaid and tartan mistakenly interchanged.” (flatheadliving.com) In North America tartan is mistakenly called plaid, but there is a distinct difference.

  • Vinyl Record Care

    Vinyl Record Care

    19 months ago

    While downloading music online has become the norm these days, there are those who still treasure the good old days of turntables, vinyl records and analog sound.