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This is me.

I am a lover of many things -- music, dance, theater, animals, literature and poetry, video games of all kinds, LARPing and other types of roleplaying, the human mind, sociology, relationships between everyone and anyone. I strive to create harmony in my life always: one eye on the past, the other on the future, and the rest of me in the here and the now. I try to never be afraid of the new and the unchallenged. My loyalty to my family and best friends is unquestionable. Those who know me best know my emotions run deep.

Life is taking me on an adventure.

It has already begun.

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  • Tips for Nailing a Musical Theater Audition

    Tips for Nailing a Musical Theater Audition

    19 months ago

    Got an audition coming up soon for a musical theater production? Maybe just a singing or a dancing audition? You're not alone! I moved to the Des Moines area last year and have auditioned a few times with the Des...