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Hey, friend! I currently work for Mercy Ministries of America in Just to let you in on a little about me, I grew up in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, so, I’m a true Southern Belle. I currently reside in Citrus Heights, CA with my big, black kitty, Monty in my first big-girl-I don't need-roommates-for-the-first-time-in-my-adult-life apartment. Cali is my first big breakout into the world and I love it here (though - I do miss my momma and my soul sisters in TN!). I’m the oldest of five kids, so “mothering” kinda comes naturally! I have an English degree with minors in Writing and Music - I sing. I’m the cut-up in my group and painfully candid (most just call that "Sassy"...she’s my alter ego). I love people – all kinds of people – I love to know their stories and glimpse into their lives. I love reading, am a complete stickler for correct grammar, am drawn to Latin and Lyrical Hip-Hop dance and period films, and I have a painful love affair with all things ...itos (fritos, doritos, tostidos. etc.). I am a floral designer in my spare time but only weddings for people I know and holiday help at a local shop. My fav thing to do with friends is just to stay in at home with homemade food (compliments of yours truly), funny stories (laugh so hard the muscles in your stomach and face spasm kind of stories), and a good game (of the card or board variety). I hope you enjoy your little glimpse into my life! Many Blessings ~ Miss K

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  • My Juice Fast Journey

    My Juice Fast Journey

    9 years ago

    I recently ended a 40 day juice fast and it was possibly the most transforming time in my life. The posts below will share with you my six week journey. But first, I'd like to share with you the who, what, why, when,...