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I just graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. For now the plan is to take several months off and save up the precious energy that will be required for grad school. I received my Associates of Applied Science back in 2001, and worked for a decade in the medical field. I spent about half of those years in family practice, and the other in the psychiatric field. My work in psychiatry is where I developed my passion for mental health, and my disdain for the overmedication of our youth (not to mention that of “recovering addicts”). Hence, my pursuit of a career centered on the wellbeing of the client, while not being directly involved with medicating them. We need not go into the horrifically boring year I spent in Pulmonary and sleep medicine, which was, appropriately enough, a SNORE! I have been a stay at home mother of 3 for the past 4 and a half years.

I'm sure it's no secret that all psych majors, are, for the most part, neurotic as hell when it comes down to it. The most unusual thing I can think to share about myself, is that I am incapable of eating or drinking anything that is red or blue in color. Unless it is tomato-based, or rare meat. The year that M & M’s decided to drop the tan M & M and bring back the red, shortly followed by the return of the blue, was easily the worst year of my prepubescent life. I could no longer eat my favorite candy in the dark. Movie-going has never been the same.

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