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Katie Postlethwaite is a customer service expert and home office telecommuter from rural New Brunswick, Canada. She is also a gardener, birdwatcher, beach comber and book worm in her early thirties. Katie has a keen interest in the intricate balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and two feet planted firmly in the dirt. She believes that all life is a divine celebration and that laughter is the best medicine. She blogs at www.wyldwomyn.ca

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  • Create a Home Office on a Budget

    Create a Home Office on a Budget

    5 years ago

    Working from home is a dream come true for many people. It brings freedoms and benefits that no ordinary office job can provide. While you will save money on daily expenses like business attire, transportation, coffee...

  • Brain Based Learning

    Brain Based Learning

    7 years ago

    In seeking to understand the brain, and the human learning process, researchers have discovered that by using brain compatible methods of learning, students can learn more effectively, retain information better and have...

  • Study Tips For Success

    Study Tips For Success

    7 years ago

    Study in short sessions – studying in short sessions of 30 minutes, with ten minute breaks in between is considered by many to be the most effective way to study. This “distributed learning” method keeps your...

  • Pedometer Walking Basics

    Pedometer Walking Basics

    7 years ago

    A pedometer is a small accessory you can clip on your clothing or belt, or in some cases place in your pocket to count your steps. From basic step counters, to more advanced pedometers with features like calorie...

  • Walking for Health and Happiness

    Walking for Health and Happiness

    7 years ago

    Walking is a dying art. Our grandparents walked miles. Their grandparents walked even more miles. Today, the average adult walks fewer steps per day than any of the generations that preceded ours. There are several...