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In a small town where creatures hide in the woods there exists a young woman. A woman who seems to be an animal whisperer. A midnight angel awaiting her demon.

Hey! I'm Kayla. A 23 year old who wants to explore the minds of others as well as go on adventures into the unknown. My mind is deep, but the world holds more secrets than anyone knows. Dive into the darkness with me.

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  • Corrupt School Systems

    Corrupt School Systems

    6 weeks ago

    Schools today are not like they once were. You are getting about half and half of a true education. Half of the system simply does not care if your child receives the tools they need for the future.

  • Let Go and Live

    Let Go and Live

    7 weeks ago

    We live in a world where a majority of people stay stressed. Stress can turn to anger or depression. Too much stress can sadly lead to suicide when some feel like they have no other way to escape it.