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    The Story of the Legendary 1933 British Penny

    9 months ago

    In the United Kingdom, prior to decimalisation in 1971 and the introduction of a completely new coinage, there was one coin, above all others, that achieved a near mythical status among casual coin collectors, the 1933 George V Penny.

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    Star Wars Retro Collection Action Figures: Collector's Guide

    5 weeks ago

    In February 2019, Hasbro made a surprise announcement at the NY Toy Fair, releasing a new series "inspired" by the original Kenner 1978 Star Wars action figures. Titled the "Retro Collection", the 3.75" action figures would be a close approximation (but not identical) to the originals.

  • AC/DC - Highway to Hell - The Making of a 40 Year Old Classic

    AC/DC - Highway to Hell - The Making of a 40 Year Old Classic

    2 years ago

    Hard to believe, but it's over 40 years since Australian rock band AC/DC released their classic break-through album Highway to Hell. This is a brief story on how it came together.

  • Essential Items for a New Home

    Essential Items for a New Home

    3 years ago

    Moving into a new home can be a daunting task. From years of experience, I have found there are certain items that can prove invaluable and make life in the new home a whole lot easier.

  • The Mince Pie - A British Christmas Tradition

    The Mince Pie - A British Christmas Tradition

    2 years ago

    The Mince Pie is an intrinsic part of the British Christmas. Where did it come from and why does it not have any meat?

  • Surprisingly Irish

    Surprisingly Irish

    20 months ago

    Ireland has produced an extraordinary abundance of famous and influential figures, however there are also a number of individuals whom you may be surprised to learn were/are, or even aren’t Irish

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    Star Wars Vintage Trading Cards - A Collectors Guide

    3 weeks ago

    Since the summer of 77, one of the most popular Star Wars related merchandise was the Topps Trading Card Series and over 30 years later, they are still just as collectible and sought after!

  • Quirky Google: Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Quirky Google: Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs

    10 months ago

    Google is full of hidden surprises! Here are some of my favourite quirks and Easter Eggs

  • It's Her Voice That Haunts Me Now - a Forgotten Modern Poetry Classic?

    It's Her Voice That Haunts Me Now - a Forgotten Modern Poetry Classic?

    3 months ago

    It's Her Voice That Haunts Me Now" was written by Stephen Constable and published in 1996, it appears to be all but forgotten but it deserves to be a modern classic. What do you think?

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    The Walking Dead Comic Series: A Collector's Guide

    2 years ago

    The Walking Dead comic book series was created by Robert Kirkman and ran from 2003 to 2019. The series has become immensely popular, has a huge number of devoted fans and has spawned the equally successful TV series. As a result of its popularity, back issues have become highly collectible, with...

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    1/6 Collectible Military Action Figures

    3 months ago

    If you loved Action Man or GI Joe when you were younger, you may be amazed at how incredible today's figures that are available for adult collectors, here is a brief overview of 1/6 Military Collectable Figures.

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    Famous Missing Persons

    2 years ago

    Any missing person case is a tragedy for friends and families of those who have disappeared. Thankfully in most cases, the missing turn up safe and well, tragically, some are found deceased and strangely, some are never heard of again, which is perhaps the worst of all for the loved ones and...

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    HM Armed Forces Action Figures

    4 years ago

    HM Armed Forces 1/6 Action Figures from UK toy manufacturer - Character Options,produce affordable, accurate reproductions of the United Kingdoms' three branches of the Armed Services and are endorsed by the Ministry of Defence. They are the natural successor to Action Man for the 21st Century.

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    Check Your UK Change

    8 months ago

    Each day in the UK, millions of pounds in coinage change hands each day in small transactions. Amongst all these coins are some that are worth much more than their face value. If you take a couple of seconds to check your change, you could be one of the lucky ones to find that the coin in your hand...

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    The Legend of the Mistletoe Bough

    3 years ago

    The Mistletoe Bough was a popular Christmas Story in the 1800's and the story was transcribed into a popular song in the late 19th Century. The story itself probably has much older traditions and likely have originated in mainland Europe, although many locations in England have been linked to the...

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    Dear Old Clogherhead

    3 years ago

    Clogherhead is a small fishing village on the coast near Drogheda, Ireland. It has beautiful deserted beaches and views of the majestic Mountains of Mourne to the north. My Great Grandfather loved this place and wrote a in tribute poem in the 1930's which only resurfaced when submitted to the local...


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