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Hello and welcome to my profile.

Now I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am a Mother/Stepmother of 5 children ages 28(his)26(mine)25(his) and 13yr old twin girls(ours). My husband and I have been together 20yrs.

Like many large families money gets tight. Even though my husband and I have fairly good jobs, it never seems to stretch far enough come bill time. So a several years ago I started looking online for part-time work. Wow, talk about scary. Alot of adds out there offering good money for little work but who to believe.

So like many of you I paid for a few money making list, ideas, etc and like alot of you I got ripped off. I did finally stumbled onto a website that lead me to some companies that paid for Product Demonstrations. I filled out the profile, paid my $39.95 and held my breath. It didn't take long, I was recieving calls from Demo Companies that first week.

I would work for one steady for several months and then they would migrate to a different part of the country and the jobs in my area would dry up. So off again searching for more jobs and another $39.95. This time I would try Mystery Shopping and Merchandising. Along with other Demo Companies. I was amazed at the amount of work out there.

I was working my 40hr aweek job plus another 30hrs of part time work. Well, it finally caught up to me. I ended up in the hospital for a week. It was time to slow down. The work is still out there and I want to help others find it.

Please read my hub about finding product demonstration jobs. I am a real person with a real family and like many right now, just trying to make a little extra money. I have done the leg work for you. Like I talk about in my hub, I have personally worked for the companies on My List.

I know they are real and how they work.

There is so very much work out there. I know this because they are still calling me and emailing me daily begging me to work. I can't, I want to help others who can and need the work find it.

The companies on My List are national companies. The work is everywhere. If you know of someone who needs a job, please direct them to my hub and My List.

Contact me and I will provide you with My List for FREE!

Please feel free to comment me and ask questions.

Thank You and good luck!


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      What makes a good Demo Rep? I’m going to put this into a list form. As with any job though, the first and most important thing is “you have to like what you are doing”!! A good demo rep list.   ...