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Hello. Kea is relatively new to writing. Kea loves to travel and have new experiences. Kea's interests are diverse. Kea is somewhat of an introvert, but enjoys people on occassion.

Kea's tried several sites similar to Hubpages and found Hubpages to be one of the easiest to use, plus the people on here are the most friendly!

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Men's Locker Room Etiquette

Cash Out Roth IRA?

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  • Men's Gym Shower Etiquette

    Men's Gym Shower Etiquette

    16 months ago

    As a regular at the gym, it has become obvious that most men do not understand gym shower etiquette. Believe it or not there are some simple rules you should follow in the gym shower...

  • How to Make Deep Fried Butterflies

    How to Make Deep Fried Butterflies

    7 years ago

    Thankfully, she was able to get the recipe from her mom before she passed. I’m bestowing the family secret to you now, because something like deep fried butterflies should not be kept secret!

  • Gym Swimming Pool Etiquette

    Gym Swimming Pool Etiquette

    8 months ago

    As an athlete, I swim an average of two to three times per week. I swim at both a YMCA and a Gold's gym, but I've noticed people don't understand swimming pool etiquette.

  • Men's Locker Room Etiquette

    Men's Locker Room Etiquette

    8 months ago

    I spend a fair amount of time at the gym and in men’s locker rooms. I have witnessed many strange breaches of gym etiquette in these locker rooms. It has become obvious to me that most men know nothing about locker...